Scania Streamline Sound


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This one is for guys ho ask for streamline sound.

Mod include Scania R my last sound L6 scs reworked louder exhaust and Streamline.

V8 sound is not the same between R and streamline.

Important anyone who use one off my scania sound has to go in profile and deactivate the old one.

Author: Volidas


27 thoughts on “Scania Streamline Sound

  1. very nice sound thanks man

  2. make this sounds to all truck plssssss

    1. Good idea

      1. simoschmitz

        No this is not good idea because all trucks no have the same sound

        1. I agree…

    2. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

      that will be awesome

  3. working in MULTIPLAYER

  4. Shogoon1984

    Sound from Outside would be nice

  5. fsxdude04

    HEAVENLY! can someone convert this for 50keda’s R2008 please? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Trucker-Speelduur

      Yeah for 50k would be great

  6. TeddyBear

    well not bad but the turbo sound is too high/bright/pitch, and the gear shift sounds unrealistic.

  7. I hoped to find here a better Sound for Scania as that of kriechbaum. The sound is not realistic and sounds very artificial. It gives no engine it sound so.

  8. simoschmitz

    Volidas finally this is the first sound like me but is not perfect because this no have the turbo fan sound and the gear shift sound if can make like this is so perfect bye ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. throtle sound very unnatural. it is not very good sound Mod. Sorry!

  10. TeddyBear,petronny,simoschmitz.
    I’m working on is not final the big problem with me is work.
    I’m not every night home because i’m on the roads so i need time from a release to another.
    I forget that i have try to record two three times from friends with mobile open exhaust but result is not good…

    1. simoschmitz

      Ookey i understand

    2. VOLIDAS

      I like your comunication, I like you accept criticism. I wish you a lot of success

  11. kriechbaum

    Very good, i am gonna use it with the Streamline, and mine for R and T series ๐Ÿ˜‰

    See you friend.

    1. Largely vomit for mister Asskisser

    2. Thank you my friend.
      See you.

      1. VOLIDAS

        If you the ### of the mister Grosskotz Kirchbums so with pleasure Kissing then kiss my ### to. . You are a #####. You disgust me!

        1. LOL…

  12. Volidas.
    I understand your problem. I’m glad you accept that it can be better.

    Try to follow a different path from the one now. I wish you find your way.
    Try to make your Modes so it sound different than as dull and unrealistic Modes of kriechbaum.

  14. Samuele1999

    in future this sound aviable for 50k, t and r?

  15. Great job!!

  16. The_Driver

    Video Scania Streamline Sound Full HD :

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