Scania Streamline + Trailer ATI


Tested version 1.8.2s
New Scania Streamline and trailer
The trailer replaces the Aero-Dynamic



10 thoughts on “Scania Streamline + Trailer ATI

  1. MisterOlla

    does it works with 1.7?
    dont use steam, so it would be cool to know..

    1. the trailer should work but the scania wont since it has been added in 1.8

      1. scania nejde aspon mne

  2. I think it works in 1.7 you test and you say Thanks 🙂

    1. the truck skin obviously wont work since it has been made for a truck that came in 1.8

  3. why the skin replace the streamline skin?

    1. why not?? its just a skin 🙂

  4. yes why not ? lol

  5. because i want both skinns…^^

  6. the skin for Scania Streamline is made based on the template of ScaniaR 2009 so it should work for the ScaniaR

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