Scania Streamline Tuning v 2.0

scania-streamline-tuning-1 scania-streamline-tuning-2 scania-streamline-tuning-3

Work on 1.25 game version

News of 2.0 version of the mod :

– decrease the brightness of dashboard light
– dashboard light turn on when the ignition is actived
– new steering wheel
– new tyres & rimes
– some lights & tuning

Bug :

– the 900hp engine as no sound
– the interior light does not working

Authors: Ea7gign, 50Keda, Kriechbaum, RJL, Rogger Alvarez, abastrepass


One thought on “Scania Streamline Tuning v 2.0

  1. Can someone tell me whats wrong with that mod ?
    Why i do not hear any sound inside my truck ?
    Everything is fine, sound of a navigation, hand brake etc. but I do not have sound of an engine, signposts, lights etc.
    I TRIED WITH ALL ENGINES and every time is the same problem

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