Scania T Cab Pack V 1.0


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Hi Guys,
here there’re a Scania T Cab completely happy Packet,

Included are:

-Scania Tcab of Henki, with the additional attachment points,
-The accessory pack from me in the latest version,
-Sound Tuning

If you copied the components in your mod folder and there is the info that is already present, you must go to copy and replace, so you can also benefit from the mod.

The link of my mods is only permitted using the original download links and post my name (unicorn0007)!

The mod can be sold on other forums or platforms on the DL, using the original links.

Zilp Zalp, 50Keda, SCS, GTMike, RJL, Kriechbaum, Pauke2004, Henki73, Moders Team Poland, unicorn0007

DOWNLOAD 246 MB [sharemods]


16 Responses to Scania T Cab Pack V 1.0

  1. KefirTV says:

    Video is very bad

  2. Rob says:

    It said file broken when i tried to extract

  3. benjy says:

    quelle version du jeu car je suis en 1.16 est il ne passe pas

  4. cyberdave says:

    sorry but where i can find Scania T mod fot 1.16.x? I can’t find the truck… thanks in advance…

  5. Leon says:

    Add some curtains maybe? ..and make everything in the interior optional.

  6. KefirTV says:

    Official HD 1080p 60FPS video:

    • VITEKRUS says:

      Ребята , на версии 1.14 будет работать ?

  7. Nathan says:

    Not a very good mod. Sounds are rough and upgrades are not compatible with most original parts.

  8. matthew bamber says:

    I seem to be having a problem as ny game keeps crashing with one on the scs files. its a real shame as i love the truck! the grill light is amazing! top truck! love it!

  9. lambo603 says:

    Pleas make 1000hp engine but with sound of 6 cilinders

  10. lambo603 says:

    I’d click it but it download the Ask instead of google “tunngle” i dont even know what that is BUT it didn’t download the scania only the 2nd file help me

  11. PhilipKnuettel says:

    Very nice Pack, thank you for sharing!

  12. Isac says:

    The game crashes all the time with this mod, im sorry :((

  13. silvio says:

    Me gusta este camión pero podrían incorporar uno para la versión 1.16 gracias

  14. dayton says:

    for the people that are saying their game crashes its the true ai lights try taking that off and start your game this might not be helpful but just in case that whats going on

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