Scania T Caterpillar Skin

Scania-T-Caterpillar-Skin-2 Scania-T-Caterpillar-Skin-1

Caterpillar Skin for Scania T Truck
Tested 1.12.1 version

Author: dytigas


6 thoughts on “Scania T Caterpillar Skin

  1. pralk0suszarka

    The package is this skin:
    …no Caterpillar

  2. same as first poster…. this file does not contain what it says, there is no Caterpillar Skin… it has the John Deer skin instead… Please update the download link to the proper file, thanks.

  3. KjayCopper

    How do i get hold of the lightbar on top. I WANT IT

    1. link

      this vesion i believe has that light bar

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