Scania T Longline reworked v 1.9


Final installed Scania Zilp ZALP, Scania R08 (50k) and a private


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29 thoughts on “Scania T Longline reworked v 1.9

  1. is this the same as Scania lads blues v2 but with the Scania multimod by zilpzalp in it?

    1. Yo private video duu. Fix tha.

  2. Video’s private grrrrr

  3. DieselRocker

    Hi! Nice mod! Thanks but i want makes few skins and me need template..You can help me? Thanks!

  4. Any videos ?

  5. Does any scania sound mod work with this?I’ve tried all of kreichbaums sound packs including the 50k scania sounds, but nothing seems to sound off;just the stock SCS scania sound.

  6. Yeah, right...

    I really like this truck. Awesome mod.

    Works like a charm in version 1.10.1s BETA too,
    BUT missing the new \Metallic\ paintjobs :/

    So, I just added it myself. And while I was at it, I also added another great mod to it, the \Scania V8 sound V3 by Kriechbaum\!

    Here’s a small video of my own version of this truck and how it turned out, IF you’re interested… If not, then never mind :p

  7. scooterking

    please make Vabis steering wheel and curtain from zilpzalp in it also
    otherwise a very nice Scania

  8. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Very, very good job!

    Love the Scania!

  9. Where do i find this truck in normal version plz ?

    1. Yeah, right...

      Depends on what you mean by “in normal version”…??

      IF you just mean NOT longline/topline, you can choose from several different types of cabins and chassies.

      1. I want that model just not long version.
        I might bee blind I cant find a good one only very old version.

        1. Yeah, right...

          Sorry, I can’t understand what it is you’re actually looking for.

          The only other suggestions I have are these two:

  10. This is such a realy great model of a Scania T

    Please provide us the templates so we can make skins for this absolut fantastic Truck

  11. How did You add the metallic paint tothe truck i got to know that ?

    1. Yeah, right...

      Well, the short and simple answer is:

      You need to know the simple basics of extracting, editing, un-packing and re-packing of game base and mod files.

      I copied the Scania R “Metallic” paint_job file from the latest game ver.1.10.1, def.scs directory. File name is “color0m.sii”

      Opened and edited it in notepad. Only changed text scania.r to scania.t. Then pasted this file into the equivelant “paint_job” directory of this truck.

      1. its maybe a bit ######, but where do you find the ver 1.10.1 def.scs file?

      2. Sorry i got it now 😀

      3. How you added the sound?

        1. Yeah, right...

          To give a decent answer to your question requires a much longer explanation. And to be quite honest there’s not enough room for it in here. Sorry.

          But the basics is pretty much the same as you would add anything. Again, you need to know at least the minimum basics of how to extract, edit, un-pack and re-pack game base and mod files.

          I don’t even know if the way I do things are actually “the right ways to do it”. I just play around with mods and stuff, just for fun and somehow figure out for myself what works and what dosen’t.

          I have made a #### “tutorial” video on how I added the Metallic paint to this truck, witch may give you SOME idea how to do it.

          You can find it here:

  12. Great truck,if your running patch 10.1 make sure you take out any mods that cause conflict;eg jazzycats etc. They’ll soon update their mods to the latest patch.Mean time they can cause dropped fpc,stalls and crash’s. Scania T sounds…I found using two mods,Jeffs Jake Brake and Horn Mod V2 and Turbo fan Sound version 1.1 gives and increase in int sound when planting the boot,great exhaust brake and a horn that’s a vast improvement on the stock wimpy tone.Just Quit and play to activate once they’re in the mod folder (-:

  13. hey why does this truck steer so bad i have alot of trouble steering it the other version works great but this truck doesnt want to steer and how come when i turn the lights on it lags and fps drop PLEASE FIX THE STEERING CUZ THIS TRUCK IS AWESOME:)

  14. darnellm09

    Excellent Mod, my new truck of choice! Featured it in one of my YouTube videos!

  15. also how do you add lights on side and mirrors i click on them but no lights come up

    1. Yeah... Right...

      I think you need to check your mod files, dude. Seems to me that you have either some conflicting mods innstalled or a corrupt profile/savegame.

      Try to “disable” some mods, especially truck- and custom-mods and see if that solves your problems.

      Or you could just create a new profile (cheat on it if you have to) and test your mods one by one.

      I have at least three different profiles I use.
      1. for reguular play with NO mods.
      2. for regular play WITH mods.
      3. cheated with lots of cash and experience, mainly used for testing out mods.

      I also have the Steam BETA version running seperatly with its own profile.

  16. Great Mod. I’m having trouble skinning it tho, could you possibly link the skin template please.

  17. Skoogiz93

    can you try to fix SCANIA steering wheel to this truck ?

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