Scania T Longline RJL Skin

Scania-T-Longline-RJL-Skin-1 Scania-T-Longline-RJL-Skin-2

RJL Skin for Scania T Longline Truck

Author: Ageratus Speac


3 Responses to Scania T Longline RJL Skin

  1. simaozinho says:

    this is not the scania T its a scania R EXC longline in the picture dumbass

  2. yankee71 says:

    depuis quand c est un scania T ?
    en plus on a même pas le camion dans le scs faudrait pour avoir le skin avoir le camion dans les fichier scs de base ou mettre le camion en telechargement

    Since when is a Scania T?
    in addition has not, even the truck in the usc take to have the skin have the truck in basic scs file or put the truck download

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