Scania T Mod v 1.4.2

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– Normal, Highline, Topline and Longline cabins. Includes also Topline EXC cabin which is longer than Topline but shorter than Longline
– 4×2, 6×2/2, 6×2*2, 6×4, 8×4/2 and 8×4*2 for all cabins
– Hood visible in interior view
– Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines with T-badges
– Plastic and paintable chassis
– Lot of custom and tuning parts

Changelog 1.4.2 version:
– Added chromed and plastic window deflectors
– Added new beacon
– Added new custom rear bumper
– Fixed some bugs
– Reworked interiors
– Added normal mapping
– Added UK version of the V8 Red interior
– Reworked mirrors
– Added more mirror variants
– Now you should be able to skin mirrors (check templates)
– Some other small changes

Game versions: 1.11.x – 1.13.x

Authors: RJL, Fordsonmies, GT-Mike, Killerhangar, Alang7, 50keda, SCS Software


46 thoughts on “Scania T Mod v 1.4.2

  1. There’s no video…

    1. And then it pops up…

  2. Does the mod work with version 1.14.x?

    1. The_Bilbo

      Yes it does

  3. Sarkissian

    Awesome truck, BEST Scania T!

  4. fog lights? on traffic? standalone?

    1. Sarkissian

      Standalone, and it is a MUST HAVE!!! DOWNLOAD IT!!!

  5. Does it works with 1.13?

    1. Sarkissian


  6. Sarkissian

    Here, a little mod for getting this truck in traffic and as a company truck!

    My best regards.

  7. Are there mettalics paints added in this version?

  8. very nice I love it.thanks for mod.

  9. Mercohaulic

    very nice truck. excellent job. One of my favorite trucks in the game. keep up the great work.

  10. Mercohaulic

    I was wondering if at all possible if you could black out the chrome window deflectors on the inside/drivers perspective and leave them chrome on the outside. They look great from the outside but on the inside the reflection is very annoying. THANKS

  11. no offense guys. but the version of Hanky. much better than this. there though interior with mahogany. and here is ###### black interior ..and so what? But put interior with mahogany plus tuning then prices will not be this fashion until a bullshit rear lights must itself sculpt. no offense but this is my opinion .. do interior as in Scania revorked .Then would be super.

    1. anonymous

      #####, the Henki73 version is only stolen and edited version of this mod.


  13. Faelandaea

    Works beautiful in version 1.14. Very nice work!

  14. Works just fine on the newest beta vesion (1.14.x). Cant wait to see the taglift feature added to this truck 😀

  15. Epsilon04

    Which light pack do you use on the screens, because I can’t have “S-U-P-E-R” on the grill with my light pack :/
    thanks in advance !

  16. When i Put The T Cab In It Never Gave Me The Custom Bar :/ How Do U Get It?

  17. does this Mod Version Have a Taglift Axel Cuz i Cnt Find it and aint sure which axel it is like the 6×4 one or wat please help me!

  18. i’m trying to modify the side light stripe, custom roofbar and bach leds bar of this mod to make it paintable, i’ve tried editing .mat files but nothing seems to work, could anybody help me with these?

  19. Vinsensius

    Does the mod work with Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Going To East version ???

  20. hi authors,
    gread mod cant get enough of the t cab. i was wondering how to get the stoneguard to work it says there in t cab files i thick but dosn’t show. would to add that to cab if it is at alll possible, n by the looks of alot of mods anything is lol. cant wait for installment 🙂 low chassis’s maybe? ;D

  21. A great mod, one of the best mods out there in my opinion. I use this truck a lot :p But, you know you can get the classic 4 series grill, which is the one i use. And you also got that old mirror option, but one thing i still would like to see is the interior for it. Would be a realy cool to see that classic interior in it. We aleready got it on the scania 4 series mod. Now just add a bonnet infront of it :p
    Anyways, just a idea of what you can do next 😉

  22. Someone please help!! How do I get the truck! Ive downloaded the mod and enabled it but what next?!?! How do I actually get the truck?????

  23. Kieran you have to go to scania dealer

    Guys the mod wont. Work it crashes the game when im about to purchases the truck at the dealer

    1. Joeri Teirlinck


  24. alexander

    every time i want to buy it the truck shows up but then my hole game shuts down whats the problem
    if have 1.14.2

  25. just downloaded this mod and shows up when you go to edit profile and then when you go to the scania dealership it isnt there, i have patch 1.15.1, think its the prolem but dont know, any idea?


  26. Why does it crash if I add the 8*4/2 chassis? I is possible to solve this problem?

    1. Same, seems like its a common problem. Also the skins dosent quite work on the bonnet from the interior view. Didnt have this problem in the 1.4 version…

  27. How can I pass tollgates?
    It seems the truck has too long nose, hence I cannot pass such as Italian motorways….:(

    1. They say its a problem which is not possible to fix at this stage. It is only happening with the tollgates in France though.

  28. DeathMonsterGG

    Why i go tho the dealer i crash i don’t use any mods ###?

  29. i doesnt work game is craching fix it pls i wont this so bad

  30. Work in1.3.1?

  31. hello i use teh mod on 1.19.x but its crashing when i try to get it full skin able when i than wanna drive the game crash pls help me 🙁 i love the T serie so much 🙁

  32. mathew ayers

    i have heard that this truck has problems with the ingame toll gates and that to get around the problem you need to use another mod, is this still the case or not, as a I would like to get this mod?

  33. Does this mod work with ets2 gold edition???

  34. Guilherme

    please actualice this magnificent mod for v 1:25 😉

  35. Christian Rossvoll

    i cant hear the engine why?

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