Scania T Mod v 2.2 [1.27]

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This mod adds Scania T-series for ETS2. Contains many customization options and more chassis, cabin, engine and transmission options.
Fully standalone mod, it doesn’t replace anything. You can find the truck from Scania dealer.
Currently supported game version: 1.27
Current mod version: V2.2

Changelog V2.1 to V2.2:
-Updated the mod for 1.27 patch
-Added dashboard indicators for differential lock and trailer lift axle
-Added animated dashboard buttons for exhaust brake, differential lock, truck lift axle and trailer lift axle
-Fixed random game crash issues when using the mod in OpenGL mode (the mod SHOULD be OpenGL compatible now)
-Moved the fifth wheel forward on 8x and 10x chassis to reduce understeering with heavy loads
-Added more weight for 8x and 10x chassis to reduce understeering with heavy loads
-Lowered hook position by 25 millimeters on 4×2 Lowdeck
-Random bug fixes and other small changes

You can share this on other sites but KEEP ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK AND CREDITS! NO NOT REUPLOAD TO OTHER FILE SHARING SITES! You can freely edit mod for personal use. Publishing edited mod without my (RJL) permission is forbidden!

RJL/Fordsonmies, GT-Mike, 50keda, Sheryo, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, Szeryff123 (a few parts from them), SCS Software (original models), Thunderhawk (equipment tower)


17 thoughts on “Scania T Mod v 2.2 [1.27]

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on v1.27…–zE

  2. good…but…where can find this truck…?

  3. Simweed77

    In Scania Dealer.
    Work for 1.26 too ?

  4. PavelVonLaos

    No I have 1.6.5 and I cant run it

  5. PavelVonLaos

    Sorry *1.26.5*

    1. scania by rjl v2.2 is made for the new update 1.27 so you must download v2.1 of that truck to get it to work for 1.26.x

  6. Great+work+can’t+say+it+enough!+Thank+you+:)



  7. nportegies skins

    Templates do not add more models, are also updates for that?

  8. Works great on OpenGL, thank you!

  9. Maurílio


  10. How i Can instal this mod? Please Help. i should paste files to my documents>ETS 2> Mods> or I shuld paste this to folder with game?

  11. please+use+diffrent+light+this+look+like+####+

  12. How can I install this mod??

  13. Babciny_Dziadek

    I’ve problem with this mod. In Mod Menager this mod is not combatility. I play on game version. HELP!

  14. Blackwolf83m

    hello there’s a question, it will nee of you a Scania T new generation for the 1.30 in ETS2 who really ne cool thing and thank you so great mods put together .jpg

  15. Horváth Péter

    1.27-es a játék verzióm és nem kompatibilis vele az miért lehet?

  16. Sugna Gaming

    greeting, i looking template for make a skin for this truck. plz send me this, thanks

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