Scania T Mod V2.0 for ETS2 v1.25


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Changelog V1.8.2.1 to V2.0:
-Updated the mod for 1.25 patch and Mighty Griffin DLC (compatibility pack will be available only at Steam Workshop)
-Lowered the roof of Normal cab to make it look more realistic.
-Added 4/5-series side compartments.
-Added more door handles + optional grab handles.
-Added Saab-Scania front badge.
-Added Euro 5 badge.
-Reworked 6-series interiors.
-All interiors (except V8 Custom) have now beige roof and rear wall (because of realism).
-Some improvements and bug fixes for 5-series interiors.
-Added retarder and lift axle indicators.
-Added animation for Opticruise automatic mode selector.
-Added more 9-, 12- and 13-litre engines.
-Added realistic torque curves for all engines.
-Added the older generation gearboxes (GR801, GR900R, GRS890R, GRS900R and GRSO900R)
-Added 2.71 differential (default is 3.08, but now there is optional 2.71 for use with smaller tires).
-Reworked chassis frame to make it look more realistic.
-Reworked R2 sideskirts.
-Reworked cover plates.
-Improved R2 high bumper to make it look more realistic.
-Rear mounted battery box can now be removed.
-Added low deck chassis (Only 4×2. I’m not going to make 6x version, no matter how many people requests it).
-Added old air hose connector.
-Added stock exhaust.
-Added douple tail lamps.
-Added stock tail lamps without covers.
-Added rear license plate lights.
-Added a few new rear mudflaps.
-Added Streamline LED side blinkers.
-Shortened 10x and 8x chassis to make them look more realistic
-Added some Scania’s official metallic colors.
-Reworked exhaust pipes.
-Bug fixes.
-MUCH MORE. I don’t remember all changes.

DLC compatibility packages and some other stuff :

Mod creator: RJL/Fordsonmies
Others: GT-Mike, 50keda, Sheryo, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, Szeryff123 (a few parts from them), SCS Software (original models), Thunderhawk (equipment tower)
You can share this on other sites but KEEP ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK AND CREDITS! NO NOT REUPLOAD TO OTHER FILE SHARING SITES! You can freely edit mod for personal use. Publishing edited mod without my (RJL) permission is forbidden!

RJL/Fordsonmies, GT-Mike, 50keda, Sheryo, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, Szeryff123 (a few parts from them), SCS Software (original models), Thunderhawk (equipment tower)


12 thoughts on “Scania T Mod V2.0 for ETS2 v1.25

  1. HellBoundHades

    whats with the purple blob that appears on the rev counter? other then that its nice but wont be using it whilst the blob is on the dashboard

    1. HellBoundHades

      well i have figured it out to be the fact that the debugging for the dashboard is set to magenta and not greenrpm file just not sure which one needs to be pointed to this

  2. The same problems with the ‘R & Streamline’ mod.
    And this one actually crashed my game a few times.
    And i used method 2

  3. EneaMaconi

    Please, add the 4-series interiors!
    Ps. Great Mod!

  4. У меня игра с этим модом встаёт в стопор.Что-то намудрили господа авторы.

  5. Gratulálok a mod super! Problem az alváz hossza és a nyereg ! Alváz rövid nyereg túl hátúl! Kérem javítani! A T mod 1.8v tökéletes alváz thanks

    1. 1.24v T mod 1.8.x alváz 4×2 ok /1.25v T mod 2.0 . alváz 4×2 no realistic ! Jost mm. Please update theanks nyereg tngelytől előbre ,alváz hosszabb

  6. Acetto_59

    Please add SCS skins for those trucks?

  7. few errors that caused game crashes

  8. pff, I suspect this mod to be responsible for some changes in my settings that caused serious fps drops. game crashed, truck deleted but still problems persist and I can’t find any solution yet. any ideas?

    1. Some ETS 2 Mods Change You’r SaveGame And Curupt So Thats Why You Need To Backup You’r Savegame

  9. Wrong Link!!! The link is V2.1 for ETS2 V. 1.26!!!!!!

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