Scania T Ostervalls Skin + Lightbox

skin + lightbox Scania T topline Ostervalls transports for Scania T by RJL,it work for chassis 4×2 and 6×2*4,to see the lightbox you must have Powerkasi lights and accessory pack link :



8 thoughts on “Scania T Ostervalls Skin + Lightbox

  1. KattBjorn92

    Can you make it to Scania rs for 5 and series?

    1. for sure and with tandem addons (for make a gigaliner combo) ,stay tuned !!!

  2. noelasegg

    Thanks for making this skin Leonox

    1. enjoy buddy !!!

  3. Shadowcaster

    Where might I acquire the trailer skin

    1. tomorrow i release the Ostervalls skin for Scania 5 series tandem with trailer..stay tuned !!!

      1. johnboy32115

        Man that looks Awesome

  4. AR Truckshop

    Why doesnt the lightbox work? Is it only for me or for other ppl to?

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