Scania T red and white interior


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12 thoughts on “Scania T red and white interior

  1. scooterking

    what a scania t fit it to

    1. Its for RJL’s Scania T, i didn’t put this mod here, it should say it in the description of the mod which hasn’t been put here.

  2. Its fit on Scania T Mod v1.3 by RJL (Also known as Fordsonmies)

  3. scooterking

    ok I can not get it to work

    1. Same here 🙁

      Running v1.10.x

  4. désolé pour toi ton mod ne fonctionne pas c’est bête il est super beau

  5. Look thats a interior!! Its just perfect

  6. Could not get this to work at first (v1.10.1).

    Then placed this Mod below the original Scania T truck Mod and it worked… However – It locks up the game while picking the interior.

    Shame cos this Mod looks ####

    1. Just checked this with only TSM mod and its working fine, can not find any faults.
      Its possibly a mod conflict with another mod, also its not active till your lvl 12 unless you change the lvl the interiors become active.

  7. I re-made the mod for Scania R. Link

    Tested with 1.12.1

  8. Samster The Hamster

    Please re-make this for 1.16.2 for scania t. Thanks

  9. **dutchgold**

    a great mod,that works on 1.22 thx m8.

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