Scania T RJL Red Passion Limited Edition Skin

Red Passion-1 Red Passion-2 Red Passion-3

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Here is Scania Red Passion Limited Edition skin and interior updated for Scania T (RJL).
Mod tested on 1.18

Allow copy on another forum and websites but keep original download link and author! Do not reupload!

Author: Borsuk


9 thoughts on “Scania T RJL Red Passion Limited Edition Skin

  1. EneaMaconi

    I love it, but it’s really existed?
    I don’t know anything

    1. This paintjob is from Scania Streamline. For Scania T it has never existed. It’s not real but it looks nice :).

  2. Epsilon04

    Nice Work ! Thanks you :]

  3. Now this looks just awesome!
    Btw, would you mind to take a small skin request for the t series?
    Dont realy know anything about skinning myself.
    The skin is from a Norwegian company, a pretty big one actualy. Aleready got someone to make a skin for the R series, now i just need one for the T :p
    Will appreciate it very much!
    Btw, if you have problems to see the writing, just google “Leiv Sand Transport” and you can look on some other trucks there, might be easier to see.

    1. Btw, heres one thats actualy clean…

  4. Walter Plinge


    Me like a lotty!

    Me Downloady…


  5. May I ask you for the password for the dds file?. I want to use it as an private project. And I promise to not reupload it

  6. DiogoSousa

    Can you please do the Scania Silver Griffin?

  7. Oudewater8

    Please can you make the Silver Griffin skin for rjl? Your are one of the best skiners. I hope you can make it.

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