Scania T RJL reedit with Brazilian Accessories by Thiago Xaga


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This is a Brazilian version of scania t RJL, contains the same original accessories more with some modifications made by me, the file is open for more issues keep the credits to motivate us to create and edit more mods.

the password to unzip is “scaniat” without quotes.

RJL Fordsonmies GT-Mike 50keda Sheryo Anaheim Mr. Poland Szeryff123 Rafael Alves Nunes


9 Responses to Scania T RJL reedit with Brazilian Accessories by Thiago Xaga

    • NO_THIEFS!!! says:

      Video test, reupload and new sharemods link.
      This guy reupload and relink all mods he found.
      Alecubit, thief!!!!!

  1. KSH says:

    Does the griffin sticker on the side come with the mod or do i have to install some other pack?

  2. KSH says:

    Does the “Griffin” sticker on the side of the truck come with this pack or is there some other pack i have to download?

  3. Lassin says:


  4. kiki says:


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