Scania T & RS RJL Tuning V4.0 Final (1.25.x)


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Changes in version 4.0:
Added support for tuning Scania T & R 4-Series.
Other improvements in connection with the updated models of trucks.
Test version 1.25 – The test was conducted on all Scania options.
Full list of authors in manifest.sii

tema87, Ageratus Speac


18 Responses to Scania T & RS RJL Tuning V4.0 Final (1.25.x)

  1. Ron.D says:

    Mod 20.11.2015 !

    Share file: “by ets2modsru”

    Stolen mod from another author!

    • Midnigt says:

      The cleverest? This mod has long existed and is updated regularly:
      No theft !!!
      For fools in the description says: “Full list of authors in manifest.sii”
      If you do not know – do not poke your nose! Here is the author’s theme – updated today!

      • zoso says:

        Friend you have specified the other authors in manifest.sii, ok
        but it would be fair to write in description where everyone can read.
        I also want to remind you that the authors cited do not block their jobs
        It would be relevant only lock your files and allow others free file.

      • bruh says:

        so what? did those russian ask the permission from original authors to pack their mod together?

        • zoso says:

          You’re wrong, the authors cited do not issue any permission to block their work.
          In the mods of these authors are missing the info file read carefully the rules
          and then comments

          • bruh says:

            Have you ever heard of “fair use”?
            learn about laws before comment 😉
            secondly,what’s the point of defending these russian pricks ?

          • bruh says:

            @zoso I was replying to Midnigt
            so chill out

          • zoso says:

            In Italy are the 17,29 hours is not midnight
            I have started playing with ETS in 2008
            the rules I know them very well. (I do not understand what you mean I defend the Russians)
            I want to understand from you, but the files you used your assisted RJL-Gt-mike 50k
            They were free or blocked? I do not speak English but if you do not understand, I repeat: these Modders (masters) leave the free mod to give the opportunity to all our friends to rework some files.
            these authors do not give permission to block their work.
            ################################################## ##
            I have specified your friends can lock their files OK
            but not to block the free ones.
            WHAT I SAID WRONG?

          • bruh says:

            ### you need to learn English properly
            the “Midnigt” in my previous post means the user above you whose ID is “Midnigt”
            I wasn’t saying you are defending those pricks
            you know what ? I give up,it is waste of time trying talk to you
            Learn proper English before you make yourself look bad
            BTW,I’m an NOT the author of this #### mod,I just hate someone stealing others’ hard work

          • bruh says:

            So you are replying to a comment which mostly you don’t understand and getting mad ?
            Like I said,CHILL THE #### OUT,I wasn’t defending those retarded thives

          • zoso says:

            ok maybe we talk about the same thing we have not understood.
            when it relates to English I am not obliged to study it.
            even those who write in English when I translate in Italian does not always understand.
            NO TO RACISM

  2. Davo says:

    Best mod 100% 😀

  3. slava says:

    пошли в жопу,дебилы.я это дополнение не один раз выкладывал и только сейчас базарите чё то ахахаха,троли ёбаные))))

  4. braplech says:

    This mod by other authors! You all mods steal, replicate and spread from cvoego file Manager.
    Why did you come here!???
    Go, a beggar, beggars earn 10 euros.
    Are no fools, believe me.
    As your all copied from other people’s mods!

    Funny people impoverished 🙁

  5. mackvandijk says:

    what is the password for lightbox skinning?

  6. jrf says:

    can i ask where did you get the gnt skin for the scania t ?

  7. bruh says:


  8. Mohammad says:

    What is the password file?

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