Scania T skin + Trailer ATI


Tested version 1.7.1s
Scania T ATI just skin the truck is available on this site
Trailer ATI replaces the Pospeed



7 thoughts on “Scania T skin + Trailer ATI

  1. where do you find it? What does it replace? I currently have the scania 143 and Staxx.. will I need to disable one?

  2. Hello,
    1 You need to download the Scania T on this site
    2 Repeat profile by checking the truck and skin
    It is located in Scania and trailer replaces the Pospeed

  3. So does the scania t500 work on versions 1.7 ?


  4. Hello,
    This test is written in version 1.7 but you need to download the Scania T on the site and add the skin

  5. Great thanks !

  6. talkBox4Life

    Wassup Fredo , nice work Bro 😉

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