Scania T skin + Trailer UPS


Tested version 1.7.1s
Skin Scania T UPS
The trailer replaces all trailers



12 thoughts on “Scania T skin + Trailer UPS

  1. nice skin, do you have a link to the truck?

  2. well fred you done it again fantastic skin i had a problem when the skin i downloaded didnt show up but i found out why and fixed it. can you do a skin like for a child food company for truck and cooliner and any chance you can do skins for volvo vnl666 i love thes 2 trucks and anyone else that uses them would like to see skins for volvo vnl 666 hope you can give it a go for all us who like bonneted trucks well done again on the T500 skin chears paul

  3. chilled food company fred sorry miss spelt it

  4. Hello,
    Looking for a VNL for version 1.7 but I can not find

  5. Can you give me the name of the company you want?

  6. Hi fred we have a company over here in the uk called Grocontinental the use mostly MAN frucks but i would like the T500 to be used for the skin if you could but any chilled food comapany would be great i tened to use the cooliner trailers in the game they always look good. The only vnl i can find that works except for the steering wheel that dont move is the vnl 666 which i used ok in game 1.6.1+ which worked ok in that game i have asked the modder or for anyone who can make it work properly in 1.7.1 and thanks for getting back to me.

  7. MAN TRUCKS Fred sorry only just noticed made a boo boo in typing lol

  8. I suggest you email me to tell me what you want truck
    fredbe.tb @

  9. once again… truck does not work with version 1.7.1s.. please update the truck itself, thanks.

  10. I play version 1.7.1s does not say not. You may not download the truck??? Before you criticize you should look at his pc if it was all for the skin!
    It says THIS IS THE SKIN truck on the downloads on this site

  11. I downloaded your truck first thing, per your comments on each skin you make… truck does not show up in dealership, I’m on 1.7.1s not sure why I can’t see it & I was making you aware, sorry to upset you so. I will refrain from further contact & no longer seek to use your items.

    NOTE: many ppl have commented about the missing truck on your skins updates & you always tell them to download it from this site, but never provide a link for them. Of course the simplest fix for all the confusion & searching would be to include all the files needed (truck itself) on all updates/skins/ect…

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