Scania T Sound Mod


Sound Mod for Scania T Truck

Authors: RJL, Tekno GamerHouse, Luke Lewis


10 thoughts on “Scania T Sound Mod

  1. video?

  2. dont bother, that techno gamer house/commandore one is involved.. video would be about 40minutes long with him giving himself a verbal ####### for about 38minutes worth and 2 minutes of sound

  3. MidniteTrain

    Come on man, Give him a break. He’s only trying explain what it is and why. He’s proud of his work. If you don’t like what he has to say just download and either keep the mod or trash the mod. Simple.

  4. JOUStruck

    c00kie85 show some respect!! you little kid ###!

  5. LukeLewis

    Sorry guys, here is the video:

  6. LukeLewis

    Apologies everyone, for some reason the sound has stopped working in my game, therefore will be an updated version released tomorrow. could i get feedback from anyone who has tested ingame? thank you

  7. Hey Luke here working good! , watch:

  8. exiledred

    hi i tested the mod with the 1.4 version of the scania t mod from another site and it didnt work 🙁 i noticed that your mod is for a different version of the scania t.
    So couldnt test it really wanted a good sound for that truck.

  9. LukeLewis

    Updated Version coming soon, should work for everyone this time!

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