Scania-T Updated Version


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I have edited this mod, now it is compatible with version 1.15.1 and it works fine with the TSM map
New addons is include+ coca-cola trailer

Credits: Truck: RJL/Fordsonmies, GT-Mike, 7amoo
Skins: Killerhangar, Alang7, trokei
Others: 50keda (some parts from R2008), SCS Software (original models)


6 thoughts on “Scania-T Updated Version

  1. this video is not for the t scania !

  2. А виде не то!ЖАЛЬ:(

  3. What dealer can i find this truck?

  4. Still has same issue as other scania T on some of the toll gates in TSM, won’t trigger as the trigger point on the truck is too far back. The toll gates are faulty – the green activation point is too near the barrier. In a cabover they still work but in this truck the trigger is not at the front.

    shame as everything else is good on the mod. The chassis needs work to move that trigger point to front bumper.

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