Scania T500 Version 2


> If the hood ain’t there, buy yourself a nameplate and name the thing so you can have fun out of the truck. It comes in UK and EU versions, so LHD and RHD. *Finally fixed.
> There are 2 .scs files, one is for the version where you can fully skin it, the other is for the black parts (stock)
> Just because I left this model unlocked doesn’t give you the right to lock it in your releases for this mod, should you decide to mod it. Respect other people’s work and leave it unlocked.
> You shouldn’t have any wheel node issues because what was causing that was the LOD files weren’t edited, those, too have been edited so you shouldn’t have any issues… you’re welcome.
> Fully Skinnable! Template included!
> You will notice I added an additional rear wheel, yes you can have this truck as a tag axle config, just use the “Eastern Eagle Tag” under the 6×4 chassis and you’re set!
> This truck has many different cab options, so you’re set on that.
> Shadow sucks, yes I know. If someone can fix that, my hat’s off to you. Shadow was fixed somewhat, but still had issues.
> No wreath in front, you’re welcome!
Authors: Sib3rius, Fchriss, SCS, Vlasta, Anaheim, Chudy, Ventyres, Tomek


14 Responses to Scania T500 Version 2

  1. Mak-Kyver says:

    finally some new colours!!! THX to authors about this mod!!

  2. Emil M says:

    I kind of hate that the color of the sun screen is a different color and it’s never the same as the rest but I guess it’s SCS textures.

  3. Dustin K says:

    I installed one .scs in my mod folder and added the eastern eagle tag axle. Whenever I put a nameplate on my truck the hood shows up in the interior but it’s not on the outside model and also not in the dealer.

  4. Kasper N says:

    nice truck, but will there come some modfix to it

  5. Richard R says:

    Same for me no hood.. only inside?! =(

  6. Vencto says:

    Here the hood shows up in interior & exterior but the hood is so weird? xD its too big it goes beyond the truck on the left side!

    • Mehh says:

      You should only have a nameplate on the right side (passenger in RHD, or driverside in LHD). If you put on a nameplate on the left side the hood spawn on the left.

  7. Vencto says:

    Oh lol my bad I’m sorry 🙂 I put on both sides a nameplate!

  8. nevesu says:

    If you care so much about credits, why you’ve forgot about me ? I’ve made whole hood …

  9. Sib3rius says:

    You’re very welcome, be sure that you have no other mods that also replace the Scania R as this mod replaces the standard SCS Scania R Series. I will make it standalone in the next release. Nevesu, I do apologize for the misconception but I replaced the hood with Anaheim’s Tcab hood. I never saw you in the credits to begin with, so you’ll wanna talk to Vlasta about that.

  10. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Sib3rius, when You make a stand-alone, is it possible to make the New T grille in it and fully skinnable?

    Thanks all authors for this beauty!



  11. RockGuitar01 says:

    Can it be in topline format?

  12. Viktor says:

    Hey can someone help me? how to you get the truck mods to work?

  13. TheEditionCentral says:

    Here Is Me Using The Scania T500,Check It Out!

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