Scania T620

Author: Vlasta, daLuzi


9 thoughts on “Scania T620

  1. please someone make scania holland style?! =(

  2. Nice mod! The best so far. Just needs some minor bugs to be fixed:
    1. You can see under the cabin, put some plastic cover or whatever…
    2. Shadow is stock and don’t fit the longer wheelbase.
    Sorry for pointing at that, but just correct this and it would be perfect!!!)

  3. well the 6×4 is the Only one that does work,
    so you may awell have just reskined the STAX version,

    the entire dealership is filled with useless #### scania variants and they are really screwed up.

    and before any clown asks YES …i removed my current mod folder and made a completely new one with only THIS mod in it ,,,also a whole new install of the game to confirm what had happened in the usual game i play ..

    anyway nice attempt, but this mod is Anything but the best so far, i give it a rating of 2 out of 10 and thats only for the 6×4 the rest are a waste of time and space ..

    same effect as that prior T620 mod by the same person.
    wheelbase is screwed up on everything but the 6×4

  4. Geko is absolutely right.
    Please release mods only when they are finished.
    Fewer properly finished mods would be much better than lots of unfinished mods that turn the game into a mess.
    This is meant constructively, as you obviously have a lot of modding ability, it just makes a lot more sense to only release a new truck when it is really finished instead of when it has visual bugs and affects other trucks, which results in most people just deleting it and wondering why it was released in that condition and much less likely to download anymore.

  5. The hood aint in front of the truck when using drivercam. It’s to the left of the truck. Just as crappy mod as the last one. Grats for publishing useless mods!

  6. Xtravax are you using left hand drive? if so sont add the ukhood.scs mod, make sure you have a driver name plate in window. works great for my, except the shadow and see thru at back.

  7. Markus Srihardi

    Can I re-skin this mod? where is the template?

  8. version

  9. Mak-Kyver

    does someone have other skin this scania??

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