Scania TC Mega mod V7.5.1

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  1. Bart van Ham says:

    Are the lights finally attached to the cab in stead of the chassis? Can’t wait to test it 🙂

  2. Bart van Ham says:

    Nope, some lights are now attached to the cab, but most of the lights still float in mid air when the cab bounces… I cannot be the only one annoyed by this

    • Mod-Loller says:

      you don’t 😉

      • nailz says:

        your not. why not just attach all the cab lights to the roof bars, like the ladder in the TC mod…

        • Bart van Ham says:

          The ladder is attached to an exhaust pipe, not the cab

          • nailz says:

            your point being? so attach the cab lights to a roof bar… whats the difference?

          • Bart van Ham says:

            If you link the cab lights to a lower bar they are not actually attached to the cab, but to the chassis. So they don’t move with the cab as it bounces. They are only in the right place when the truck is standing still.

            If the lights are attached to a roof bar they move correctly with the cab.

  3. Mariakf says:

    looks like he as copyed the mod by roadrunner but made it work with megamod and thats it..

  4. Benny BB says:

    anyone can tell me where to get the ”banner” he has on top of the windshield?

  5. Mod-Loller says:

    it don’t work to attach lights to the cabin with a bottom grill mod, because of the moving cabin.
    the lights don’t move while the cabin move, that looks a little bit stupid.

    • Bart says:

      Every similar mod has the same issue, and I don’t know why the modders don’t change it…

      But this is definitely NOT an official version of TC’s megamod. I think it’s a combination between two mods from TC and Roadhunter.

  6. Martin says:

    pleas make it for Volvo to !

  7. Peter says:

    I have try this mod “Scania TC Mega mod V7.5.1”,and you can get lights on the side mirrors, unfortunately, it works only when you choose a special “bumper” that sits at the bottom of the truck, is there anyone who might be able to do so that the lights can be selected without that it must be a special bumper?

    Hope you understand what I mean!

  8. Benny BB says:

    anyone can tell me why i cant add any lights? i get all the spots and the banner and all that but i can’t put any lights there :S please help

  9. Mak-Kyver says:

    benny u got some other light mod what make broblem with this..

  10. lewman says:

    shame it don’t allow you to put up lights up the rear of the cab

  11. Freddy J says:

    Download the 2bitch v5 then You have lights on the back and it works with this mod,



  12. Caoimhin Mc says:

    Hey .. What level do you have to be on to get the Headboard/Lightbox ..

    Many Thanks..

    Caoimhin Mc..

  13. trb says:


  14. ปัณณธร says:

    scans TC Mega MOD v7.5.1

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