Scania Torpedo T620 Red Jewel Single Color & Duou Color

Scania-Torpedo-T-620-Red-Jewel-Single-Color-&-Duou-Color-1 Scania-Torpedo-T-620-Red-Jewel-Single-Color-&-Duou-Color-2

Scania Torpedo T620 Red Jewel Single Color & Duou Color Truck

Authors: Twin, Mark Bluemanc, Freddy Jimmink


18 thoughts on “Scania Torpedo T620 Red Jewel Single Color & Duou Color

  1. A High Hamster

    ooo amazing looking!

  2. Amazing looking but when I want to biuld or buy it the wheels are displaced … the chassis isn’t at the right place … I have restarted a game and same thing …

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      Hmm…. That’s wierd i bought it, left ets2 and start the game again and everything works fine

      It can be possible that 1.9 is not accepting it, sorry if it is,

      Thank You for telling,



  3. anyway thanks for sharing !

  4. A High Hamster

    truck works perfectly wheels went back to correct place after restart but cant find the skin anywhere for it.

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    In garage or at the dealer go to color/paint and buy the skin on top, a large white mark

  6. L'Chtiot69


    1. Freddy Jimmink

      Who says!

      1. A High Hamster

        freddy the truck is perfect wheels do go back after restart but the skin just wont work for some reason iv linked my WoT so you can see

        i have no other pods in my folder besides the truck and 50ks new wheels

  7. cant find it at the dealer OR online.
    do I need to disable the R09 from punisher or any other R09 mod?

    1. The truck from Punisher,the latest R 2008 V2 (by 50K) has nothing to do with mods on the Torpedo right here. However !!! Any skin mods,related to the R2009 truck might cause conflicts with the *Red Jewel* Skin,so id suggest to just disable some of the skins you have,that might do the trick.

  8. hi ehy exe and not normal file?
    cant install don’t have the rights?

  9. Freddy Jimmink

    You can have only 1 at the time in game, both will give conflicts.

    I don’t know if it will work in 1.9.xx ive only tested it in and i had all other scania’s in and no conflicts, even with the R09 by Punisher it was no problem.

    The conflict can caused by teh GTmods Scania or that red one, forgot who made it.

  10. Freddy Jimmink

    I think there is a truck i game wich uses the same skin name, i mean for instance

  11. Scania T by pitbull

  12. but isn’t right done…can not see the nose of the truck…

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