Scania Torpedo Vabis


Skin: Fred_be
Tested version 1.7


22 thoughts on “Scania Torpedo Vabis

  1. Gorgeous, would finally come that someone has attracted the shoes and this Scania Torpedo for 1.7. What would be awesome if he also comes with the XL cabin as you drive abroad will see them very much. But I’m also very happy with it!!

  2. this doesnt show up in the dealership no other scania mods???

  3. kolianych

    Hello,for me this mod doesn’t work,i try evrithing,delet all mods and nothing…mod looks nice:)

  4. I know me either 🙁 looks very well done too bad it doesn’t show up in dealership???

  5. hodgson61paul

    The last time i checked this truck is not available yet for 1.70 and if iam incorrect please let me no and this is just a skin for the truck sorry if iam not correct.

    1. hodgson61paul

      scrap that comment got it wrong sorry guys lol

  6. I was too happy and he is clearly not, the only thing to emerge is the skin in blue, the car is nowhere to be found in 1.7.

    Then but with this drive

  7. hodgson61paul

    update i can not find the truck ?

  8. Hi,
    it is the skin truck not included
    You can download it on the site

    1. not only the pmg-file is included, you included the complete tcab-folder.
      Why you think your mod has 136MB? Only for one Skin?

  9. hodgson61paul

    Thanks fred

  10. so why is it 134.7 mb just for a skin then sort it out mate

  11. the truck is part of this Mod, but without any def-files, so it shows up nowhere,
    it is also locked=useless…

  12. I don’t understand why this mod is loocked, because the original-file from Sib3rius is NOT locked!
    And I don’t see credits here.

  13. no truck at the dealership

    My short setup:
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.7.0s (Steam – Always update automatically)
    2) DLC Going East!

    :-\ Profile basic without mods

  14. ik kan het bestand met winrar niet openen hij vraagt een wachtwoord hoe kpm ik hier aan heb het bestand betaald.

  15. does not work yet with 1.7.1s maker needs to update…

  16. !!! DOESN’T WORK !!!

  17. no truck in this file, this item is located in the truck section, but clearly it’s only a skin, can the maker please provide a link to the actual truck?????

  18. Dober mod

  19. ServiusTheBear

    Dose not work. No Truck showing on version

  20. h o m o k ut

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