Scania Touring 1.32 and 1.34

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Hello I repartage the mod because the old mod had a problem. Do not hesitate to subscribe

Freunch: Bonjour je repartage le mod car l’ancien mod avait un problème. N’hésiter pas a vous abonné

Muhammad Husni


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13 thoughts on “Scania Touring 1.32 and 1.34

  1. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewiczowicz

    My friend, when can you expect a repaired version of this bus?
    Brakes do not work properly, and his driving physics is terrible ….

  2. JGaming HD

    HD video 1.34..

  3. Cleiton Spoladore

    It’s running at 1.35, tested by me

    1. Philip002

      when i try to open it crashes in 1.35

  4. TheBlackSaint

    Check out the video of this mod:

  5. Have extracted the SCS file into the ETS2—Mod folder but it still doesn’t appear in my mod manager?

  6. HappyTrucker2508

    Would it be possible to add a trailer hitch for BDF or small car trailers like the caravan trailer?


  8. Jeppe Vildbaek

    Im sorry, but i don’t now how to use the bus, could someone send me a video, or tell me, please?

    1. Philip002

      use wasd to drive and steer

  9. Not working in 1.35.1??

  10. please make Scania Touring for 1.35

  11. Speedytruckeruk

    Can I have 1.36 please

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