Scania Touring for ETS2 1.34

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The best Mod Bus is fantastic and I really enjoyed it and always wanted to use it

This MOD is open and I only edit some files and discard the unused ones so they can be used on ETS2 1.34 and not 100% FIXED

Hopefully this can entertain you all

MOD BUS Original

Please download the MOD BUS that I edited to be used at ETS2 1.34

Extract winrar then put the scs file in ↓

My Documents → Euro Truck Simulator 2 → mod folder

Tested 1.34.x

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Djoxer Sableng


7 thoughts on “Scania Touring for ETS2 1.34

  1. dear fix mercedes tourismo 2018 for 1.33

  2. Meeskrijger

    In my game this thing is just tripping it. I cant even drive it. Its just falling on its side. Pls fix this

    1. Pro Trucker

      Same problem with me. This seems not compatible with eaa bus mod 1.34

    2. do not sell the bus on version 1.34, leave the game, change mod to 1.33 .. try it, of course

  3. Pro Trucker



    Δεν λειτουργεί

  5. sevacades777

    muy bueno

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