Scania Touring HD 1.48

Scania Touring HD
-new transmission added
-back camera distance fixed
-sound fixed on camera rotation
-original GPS fixed
-compatible 1.43 -to 1.48
For FIX, credit:: DINGO AF

This mod is already free, if someone is selling paid !!!
This mod was abandoned after 1.42, we didn’t get any updates, so Dingo tried to fix it and shared his work with the ets2 community. THANKS!

Muhammad Husni,Bimo Wahyu Saputro,RATTI


One thought on “Scania Touring HD 1.48

  1. that’s the dumbest sadest video I’ve ever seen.. so you want people to download your outdated mod ( which is not even yours ) with that ###### presentation video with 2 static pictures. lol

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