Scania Turbo Drive Pack


– No Speed Limit Mod (for the TSM Map)
– No damage Mod
– 21 transmission
– 10000 hp Mod (only for the Scania R)

Author: kevintom


8 thoughts on “Scania Turbo Drive Pack

  1. this mod will surely blow the cob webs of yogi bears ### bbep beep road runner

  2. no speed limit.. isnt that allready on game settings to choose use or not (limitter)…??

    1. renaulthater

      Another need for speed mod made by 8 year old kids. Tired of seeing this kind of mods. Yes there is an option to enable/disable the truck speed limiter on options-gameplay. That option exists since 1.4.1. Either he doesn’t have the latest version or he has a pirated copy.

  3. wow haha we can now have rocket thrusters on our trucks and go like bat out of hell and get no damage yeah hey wow wee im gona go for a 40hp engine and a 12 speed box i want be real life in sim

  4. wanna see moon? try this ####!

  5. beam me up scotty this is cape canaveral nasa speaking dont use so much thrust

  6. when kids play ETS2 haha bullshit

  7. Only for scania? My daf drives 150 withe this mod XD

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