Scania V8 Crackle (New Rework v11)

Now this sound has been fixed for patch 1.38+
thanks kriecbaum for base sound.

work on : Scania RJL (R&R4 Series),Scania R&Streamline SCS,Fred’s Scania

Important !!
don’t combine this mod with scania v8 deep version kriechbaum.



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5 thoughts on “Scania V8 Crackle (New Rework v11)

  1. Fittekatt

    this is garbage.

    cant wait for kriechbaum to make more mods

  2. awful hideous garbage!

    1. haha why? even though this sound is similar to that made by kriechbaum

  3. The Mod Is Very Nice But It Was Good Even In The New Generation Scania S and R Series

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