Scania V8 Fat


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Buying in Motor Scania.
Low cabin.
2 types of interior.
1 chassis.
Sounds default engine Scania. (15 engine from 360 to 1,300 hp).
There are a couple of items for tyunenga.
There is support for painting + Metallic color.
Test Version: 1.21 – 1.22 (should also work on older versions of the game bolie)
Author: John Li

John Li


9 thoughts on “Scania V8 Fat

  1. Ez a rakat szar kifagy a francba ahogy elakarom inditani !! -..-

  2. richthofen20

    there anyway this can be skinned?

  3. what a awesome mod 🙂 good work John Li

  4. WobblyCaptain

    I liked it before and I still like it now glad this has made a return
    A video taking a quick look and a short road test
    (I do regular uploads for ets2)

  5. Cool. Could you make a Scania Chimera mod?

  6. does not work on 1.21

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