Scania V8 Openpipe Crackle Sound

Hello, all

here i will share a sound mod.
rebuild and touch the sound sample a little.
Thanks forKriechbaum for Base mod and Rasta Jr.Production for Gear air tutorial.

this mod only works on ets2 version 1.38. Then this mod also supports several truck like:

1.Scania RJL (R,4-Series,T)
2.Scania R&Streamline
3.Scania R&S Newgen 2016
4.Fred’s Scania

Select V8 Engine type.


Kriechbaum,Bimo Wahyu Saputro,Rasta Jr.Production,SCS


10 thoughts on “Scania V8 Openpipe Crackle Sound

  1. HD Video Test 1.38

    1. don’t you feel ashamed to make a presentation video for this horrible sound ?? x is garbage to me!

  2. That sound from the gas pedal.
    The gearshift should be sound.
    not so good
    brake sound?
    Retarder sound?
    gear sound?

    1. Bimo Wahyu Saputro

      now fixed you can check on scs forum

  3. in console red errors. wrong format, can you fix this.

  4. Philippe Van den Stockt

    hey neranjana,

    if you can,make the high pitch lower between shifting gears.
    its way to high. Verry good mod!!!


  6. Bimo Wahyu Saputro

    yeah after I thought this sound didn’t look good enough. But I have fixed this sound, please click the link above

    1. Answer from the SCS-Forum:
      “The requested topic does not exist.”

  7. Kim roed Nielsen

    how can you get the steering wheel up and down and still see the window go up and down?

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