Scania V8 R730 Light Edition


YouTube preview

Truck with Interior !
test on Version 1.10.x

jon-ruda, fastalex, ventures, 50keda, deferz, axelrol

DOWNLOAD 151.7 MB sharemods
DOWNLOAD 151.7 MB uploadfiles

8 thoughts on “Scania V8 R730 Light Edition

    1. 730 with 620 grill…watch for details guys!
      that could be the diference between good and bad mods

  1. Video please

  2. this is a good mod but i didn’t find the scs file

  3. Tribaltech

    i have ##### full of these curtains, can be disabled? ^^

  4. The_Driver

    Scania V8 R730 VIDEO (1080p)

  5. How do I install this guys?

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