Scania v8 sound by Aeronildo v. 1.2


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Here is my latest scania v8 sound for ETS2, now with new 1000 and 1600 rpm sound samples and minor changes. it works with SCS Scanias, Scania RJL( scania r and streamline modifications v1.3) and Scania v4 by Bogdan.

note: for those having problems to run the mod with scania RJL mod do this:
1- go to your ETS 2 mod folder and open Scania_R_Streamline_modifications_v1.3 with winrar.
2- open def/vehicle/truck/ and delete the folder “sound”.

Aeronildo, SCS software

DOWNLOAD 3.2 MB [mediafire]

15 thoughts on “Scania v8 sound by Aeronildo v. 1.2

  1. as always the sound doesn’t work with RJL’s mod. when you delete the folder sound in Scania_R_Streamline_modifications_v1.3 the game crash

    1. aeronildo

      forget all th links and the steps about scania RJL mod i wrote above, don’t follow them! Here is the fix for crash with SCS scanias and scania RJL:

      1. thank you, aeronildo
        I can find that mod cuz of you 😀

  2. but more needs to pat that I ask you to make a noise so thank you in advance 🙂 I expect more

  3. Doktor_Psix

    Звук не очём!

  4. chefprutser

    Sorry #### it’s sounds verry bad!!!!!

  5. This mod crashes in general with RJL’s streamline either way

  6. MilanScania

    Where I can find this V8 display?

    1. aeronildo

      the truck in the video is Scania r serie v4 by Bogdan Kasalap.

  7. LucianMihai

    This is 80% Kriechbaum’s V8,latest version slightly and very much horribly modified to no sure what you hoped to achieve frankly,since the original sound is quite optimal. So why taking credits for something you clearly NOT build from scratch you just partialy modified and after claiming as your’s is beyond me. + for the effort but a BIG NO to quality result.
    PS : I kindly suggest you come posibly with your own ideeas in the near future.

  8. aeronildo

    “taking credits for something you clearly NOT build from scratch you just partialy modified”. LucianMihai, every file in this mod was extracted from youtube videos. I downloaded the video, converted to sound file with xilisoft and used audacity to extract sound samples and edit them. For example, this mod is based on this video:

    idle sounds:


    reverse sound:

    and many others!
    “This is 80% Kriechbaum’s V8, latest version”. So ask Kriechbaum if any of his files were used and you will get the proof. The only thing i used from his mod was the def file (which was edited) because i don’t know how to create one and it is more simplified than the default. From now on i WILL NOT publish any mods, all of them will become private. i will continue editing and improving my mods. you don’t like my mod, that’s understandable. to say that the idea was not mine, that i’m taking credits for something that i didn’t build, telling me that it is not my work, unacceptable!

    1. LucianMihai

      Amazing enough is the fact that it’s so very similar in many ways,but adds worst to it,but i’ll not comment on your personal preferences as i do not realy care. Also,i suggest you chill a bit as you will have positive and negative opinions on your current and future mods,learn to deal with it. However,what you decide to do with your mods in the future,it’s your concern and yours only i can only wish you good luck 😉

  9. bennekeben

    u know u can have a stock interior.sii +exterior.sii in an extracted def.scs u can build your own from there. also u should not delete the stock sound from the rjl mod. If u build as overwrite of sound u need to add the sound mod below the rjl mod in list. The game will automaticlly overread it.. If it not work u must check your scripts. also dont let the troll talk bring u down.. Good luck

  10. aeronildo

    thank you bennekeben for the tips, they were very useful. i must admit i’m a noob in modding, this is my first mod ever made. also i have no ideas about scripting or programming, only studied other mods and had the idea to make this mod and here is the result, be it good or bad.

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