Scania V8 Sound Mod Mega Pack


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Authors: Yafet Rasta.Jr, Mr.Flashback, Aerolindo

DOWNLOAD 12 MB for 1.22 version
DOWNLOAD 12 MB for 1.19 – 1.21 versions

14 thoughts on “Scania V8 Sound Mod Mega Pack

  1. it sounds like broken water pump lol

    1. sounds like ####, you are right..

      1. R.JProductions

        U are always a criticizer why dont u make one ur self if ur so good at it ehhhh….what a loser…

        1. bla bla bla,stop whining
          it sounds like Sh*t,and u know it
          calling others loser doesn’t make ur mod better

  2. tu pc va explotar amigo jjaaj muy bueno el sonido felicitaciones

  3. it sounds like the Mack V8 Titan mod 😐

  4. ARGH I JUST HAD A VERY SERIOUS CASE OF DIARHOEA!!! No! Wait it is just these sounds!

    1. Ha ha ha OMFG that made me laugh with tears Luca:D

  5. Game crash with this mod 🙁

  6. dimitrios

    its not working with me

    1. dimitrios

      game crash all the time even with 2 mods like the 143 by equalizer and yours

  7. вылетает игра

  8. thats actually not to bad.


    Le jeu crash à cause du mod !

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