Scania V8 sound mod V11.0

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Hi all,

Version 11 of my V8 engine sound mod for the Scania R and Streamline is ready.
I have made it again from scratch with Fmod, i’m pretty happy with the result.
For the moment i won’t add the air brakes or gear sounds since it’s not really clear for the moment to put them in game and SCS changes these sounds very often with betas updates.
So later i’ll add these extra sounds.

Kriechbaum, SCS


13 thoughts on “Scania V8 sound mod V11.0

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.37… Very Nice Sound Mod

  2. Simply amazing… thank you KK
    Test video 1.37

  3. witam szukam takiej naczepy co jest na foto ale na 1.36 moze ktos link podesłac

    1. Mehmet Başbuğ

      Bodex Trailers

  4. Philippe Van den Stockt

    THANKS MATE!!!!! I GO TO 1.37!!!

    1. Salut, comment passer a la version 1.37 stp ? car moi j’ai mis le mod dans le dossier mais rien ne ce passe, peut être car je ne suis pas sur la 1.37 mais comment le savoir s’il te plait ?

  5. Any chance Add same sound for Scania next gent (S) please!

  6. Xristos Xarizis

    Why this mos isn’t working on scania 4 series bro?

    1. Same but for all SCS trucks, all engines.

  7. Kaderscania730

    Scania V8 sound mod V11.0
    it’s possible to do the same for the new scania NG Please

  8. Jooooojelle

    best sound ever!!!
    it doesn’t support r4 or 164L 🙁

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