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Scania V8 Sound Mod V2 rev3


Hello my fellow friendly truckers! Some of you have been waiting for
this for several days and that wait is finally over!
Presenting my V8 Scania sound mod with real Scania V8 Engine sounds
that i have recorded and refined from actual real life trucks in my
Countless hours have gone into refining this sound mod with feedback
from the ETS 2 community for that perfect sound.

I want to give BIG thanks to 50Keda, krsele, kamaz and SpeedyBk
without whom this mod would not have been possible.
50Keda for his fantastic Scania and letting me use this sound on his
SpeedyBK for the exhaust sound.
Ksrele for suberb retarder sound.
Kamaz for the base and custom transmission.


The mod comes in two separate packages, one for use with 50keda’s
Scania R2008 and one for the stock SCS Scania.

Thank you all and best regards ComandoreOne.


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13 Responses to Scania V8 Sound Mod V2 rev3

  1. Robisierra says:


  2. steve silent says:

    its not bad.. but it sounds like an engine thats done a fair few miles lol.

    one problem i do have with it though is that the interior sound of the engine is far too loud

  3. TomaSis says:

    O som não está mau mas ainda precisa de um bom trabalho, principalmente a nivel interior,som muito estaladiço, metalico e distante nem parece que vamos sentados em cima do motor e podia ser um pouco mais baixo, para mim o som do Kamaz continua a ser o mais apropriado para um V8, faz uns ajuste a este com base no dele e terás melhorias consideraveis.

  4. aleksey says:

    Ты это что,ведро с болтами везешь?!Хахаха!

  5. jumbo15 says:

    dont like the horn sound

  6. Kamata93 says:

    There is one major downside – the transition between 1400-1600 rpm is very noticable and annoying. Can you fix that? Otherwise the mods is very good 🙂

  7. ComandoreOne says:

    hey guys,thank you for feedback but go and take the last version this one is old is v2 rev 3 now the last one the v2 rev 3.1 is fixed in many ways also revised in the cab sounds there are new Horn sounds for exterior and interior from real life recorded scania AirHorn!! as many other sounds was recorded from real scania v8, also i now will work on exterior sound to make it bit less louder and then will relise the sound mod at official scs forum! so stay tuned and hope you like!

    Now for that guys that don’t like go and try to make your own sound mod then we will talk! because here in this mod you have real life sound engine from exterior and interior in all aspects even the blinkers and the opening valve exhaust sound is real the retarder the horn every single sound is real not made by any sintezator or other program. And for that you have to be lucky to have a permission from any driver or the scania service to record sounds, i see many of sounds up there and not saying that my sound mod is perfect or best but one thing is is difrent from rest, and there are many of them that sounds just like the others because that guys didn’t want to mess with real deal and just grab cuple of sounds and mix them in one that they think that is right in my opinion is rong, but i also have to agree that yes i have a mixed sound but i did mix with my real life recorded sound and is a exhaust sound of pipes because on that day when i did record they didn’t had any tuned scania with open pipe it was a normal v8 620 scania so i did mixed my recorded sound with exhaust sound from SpeedyBK! thanks to him i got what is real!

    Best regards and respect ComandoreOne.

    If don’t like this no need to do any tipe of bad comment just go and make your own sound mod 😉

    • Kamata93 says:

      Man…you made my day 🙂 Respect! Looking forward to future modification! DO you consider other trucks? For example Iveco Hi-Way? No one seems interested in that truck and after all it is truck of the year :P. Anyway keep up the good work!

  8. Danko says:

    Please link on trailer.

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