Scania V8 sound mod V3


Hi all,
Here’s my new V8 engine sound for the Scania
All sound files are new, and the global quality is improved
Also included, the sound for the beautiful 50K’s Scania R2008 V2.
Enjoy 😉



25 thoughts on “Scania V8 sound mod V3

  1. Valentin Gaspoz

    Thank you very much wonderful sound and thank you for 50K

    1. kriechbaum


      Yes it’s the 50k V2 Scania.

      Here’s the Video :

      The Blinkers sound are from my friend TurboTruck.


      1. kriechbaum hello friend!you create the best in the mode world .. therefore appeal to you please make a request sound modes on truck Scania T.very very beg you..

  2. Djim Kolli

    Video please!?

  3. I like it a lot, I only wish there would be louder gearing sound! Keep up your good work, big thanks! 😉

    1. …but only in the interior, the exterior gearing is loud enough! 😀

    1. Nice Scania R
      What MOD did u use at the visor and bumper. Quite nice 🙂

      1. looks like 50keda’s scania mod

        1. kriechbaum

          It is.

  4. Very nice mod …pity the air release or whistle sound between gear shifts sounds so flat and generic in the way it sounds.

    but I guess that cannot be altered to have a slightly higher or lower whistle sound dependant on the rpm’s of the engine when changing gears.??

    I am NOT saying this mod is bad at ALL…it is a VERY VERY good mod…

    just a pity that the air / whistle noise between shifting gears always sounds exactly the same no matter what rpm the engine is at when you shift gears ,,try it deliberately ….do some early shifting and late shifting ,,,you will see what I mean…
    of course you need to be using some form of manual gearbox or semi auto shift setup ….NOT the silly fully automatic keyboard shifting …

    1. kriechbaum

      Thank you.

      Of course, i see what you mean. But the game is like that.
      Can’t do anything else.

      See u.

  5. Perfect son. Par contre chez moi dans mon jeux le mod vient perturber le GPS dans les camions qui en possède un. Est-ce possible de me donner une explication?

    1. kriechbaum


      Mon son ne peut en AUCUN cas perturber les GPS, celà est impossible, il n’y a aucun fichier texture ou qui se rapporte à autre chose que le son, dans mon mod.

      Le problème ne vient pas de là.


  6. I don’t understand why this mod, and other sound mods don’t work in 1.7.0. Someone suggested adding zzzz to the file name but this doesn’t work either


    1. kriechbaum


      My sound mods are tested many times, by a lot of people. The problem you have, comes from a sound mod conflict for sure.

      Check your mods, one by one.

      This is the only solution you have.

      See u.

  7. why I get error [snd] Failed to bind, file not found! (/sound/truck/V8_Scania_Kriechbaum/wind_inside_int_1.ogg)

    I use both files in game or just need use one?

    1. kriechbaum


      I don’t know what you do to have this error, because this file (wind inside int 1) is in my mod.

      One mod is for the standart Scania trucks, the other one is for the 50K’s Scania 2008. If you don’t use his truck, then use only the Scania V8 sound V3 mod. Not the 50K’s one.

      See u.

      1. Ok thanks now I know thats correctly that I must use one mod not both same time I I don’t have truck what do need. Thanks and great sound

    2. I get the same error.

  8. Link changed.

    1. The link refers to Peterbilt 387 Cummins engine sound (40.5MB). Please correct if possible. Thanks!

      1. kriechbaum

        Hi, the link was good, but the admin changed it, i don’t know why…

        here it is :

  9. I can´t download nothing from mediafire… Unfortunatelly.

  10. Amazing sound!

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