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Scania v8 sound mod


Author: DennisR500


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14 Responses to Scania v8 sound mod

  1. Jens S says:

    Link to video ! ! ! !

    • torben says:

      where is the link to the video again that link is to a preformance install program hwo are you trying to foul
      add real video and delete that crap

  2. SunnyChaser says:

    Nice sound and horn ^^ but is it possible for you to make it a bit louder in the cab?

  3. Tommy says:

    What is this #### ? Its sound by Kamaz you only LOCKED the SCS you dichkead !

  4. Doc82 says:

    Great Sound…..my Favorit at the Moment….. šŸ˜€

  5. Baba says:

    ETS2 V8 Sound for 50kScania 2008 by Kamaz

  6. Evox says:

    Very nice set, more turbo noise please and a twister?

  7. diogo :P says:

    realy shet!

  8. Maddison says:

    DennisR500, you know what really a badass iss? Taking of a mod wich is orginally maked by another user and not give him credit..

    The origin is done by kamaz for 50k.

  9. Baba says:

    ets2 epidemic to share modsz without credit to the
    original creator

    thatĀ“s right – badass

  10. Kamaz says:


    you schould make your own s.it, nah mean!!!???

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