Scania V8 Sound v 4.0


Scania V8 Sound for Scania R, Scania Streamline and Scania R2008 by 50’K Trucks

Author: Kriechbaum


29 Responses to Scania V8 Sound v 4.0

  1. mike says:

    now thats a nice scania sound

  2. ari hayyat says:

    great sound

  3. simoschmitz says:

    it is not an offense but you’re always the same repetitive sound without ever realistic sense, the exhaust sound would be fine but the engine in the background and the air release are ridiculous.

  4. joshy says:

    does this work for sccania t cab

    • kriechbaum says:

      No, but if you want it really, i can do it for tomorrow.


  5. Volidas says:

    Simoschmitzh take a look here it’s very near.
    Nice again mate…

  6. kriechbaum says:

    Thx friend !!

    Do not spend your time to respond to ignorants like him. Just have a look at his volvo sound on this site right here :

    And you will understand of what he is capable.

    No offense too.

    Bye 😉

  7. scania says:

    fantastic sound, but I have one thing id like to get changed. when the engine have a big rpm the engine sound get s very high and almost no loud pipes “brumbling” , could u fix that, then it would be ultimate!! 😀

  8. ko says:

    Че за скрежет кпп между переключениями? Блядь… такое впетечаление, что едешь не на машине, а на тракторе!!!

    • deneb_system says:

      это ретардер двигателя для тех кто не шарит

  9. wegger says:

    Amazing sound! Thanks!

  10. scania-legend says:

    can i have the interior? Pls =)

    • kriechbaum says:

      Just use the Scania R 2008 V2 available on this site, and also the steering wheel mod available here too 🙂

  11. lewis says:

    sounds good but when u change the gears its sounds terrible

  12. trucker rob says:

    can anybody plz tell me why my game says file failed to bind missing interior wind sound? still works and sounds awesome just got red on screen when press~

    • kriechbaum says:

      i don’t know, the file “wind_inside_1.ogg” is in the sound mod i made…

      So for your problem, i don’t know. May be you have an environment sound mod too ? Check everything.


  13. trucker rob says:

    thx for the reply im a huge fan of your work, ill check all mods one by one and let u know. interesting though as I have no other sound mods. last one was your version 3.2.

    • kriechbaum says:

      Hey trucker rob, i found why,

      It’s because i made a mistake on the file’s name.

      Just rename it to “wind_inside_int_1” instead of “wind_inside_1”

      Sorry for this.

  14. kriechbaum says:

    Thx Matt for the video.

    Also, the the wind inside 1 message has been fixed now, just re-download the same sound mod here, Download URL is the same, but modifications have been done.


    • Николай says:

      Hello. Could you make the same sound for Scania R V8 and Scania streamline V8 for a patch 1.9.22?

  15. trucker rob says:

    no apoligies needed though im wondering if I can make one more request? ive downloaded ets2 studio but im still not sure how to edit the file. I know im being bold but is there any chance of you reuploading the edited sound??? id be forever grateful. 🙂

  16. trucker rob says:

    lol thanks mate, cheers

  17. EldeRock says:

    Can you make it for the Scania Streamline v8? It’s not working for me in 1.9.14. I dont have other sound mods.

  18. Kostas says:

    First of all i would like to congratulate you for your job ! Your sound mods really give the game the best flavour.Now,if i could ask a favor i would be obliged.I have a sound mod and i would like you to make some changes if that is possible ?Small ones,like a little louder reving when you keep the engine rolling,air break and air shifting(i like to hear the air roaring :P) and your Kriechbaum engine start and engine stop sound ! Also you can keep the mod for further modding if you like.Contact me via e-mail if you could do me this favor ! (compatible with ([email protected])

  19. Dalnobojschik says:

    Hi. Can you made this sound for R700 by AU44? Thank you very much!

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