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Hi all,
This is my latest Scania 8/ sound for the Scania.

It works for the Scania R, T, Streamline R2008 by MatDom.
You can find more links of the sound for others Scania in my video’s description.
Truck and trailer in this video are private.



A video is the best thing to have an idea of the sound 😉

39 Responses to Scania V8 sound Version 8.0

  1. aDitya P says:

    work for RJL truck ?

    • kriechbaum says:

      Hello, because we cannot put lot of links on the site, you will find all the links for others Scania’s you need on my video’s description 😉

  2. Szaman144 says:

    Have you got link for the Weeda Trailer in picture?

  3. Aleksi Salonen says:

    The best sound i ever heard by you……mmm..fat \8/ *drools*

    • AchillesSibir says:

      I agree with you…The best sound ever…Like a boss…

  4. Szaman144 says:

    And link for truck if not Private?

    • TeddyBear says:

      Truck is public.
      But mainly exported for patches before 1.17. 🙁
      So the wheels need to be exported again and also tweaks of def files in order to get lightbox and flares working properly.

  5. Jason says:

    Kriechbaum you are a true master of making V8 sounds !

  6. Trucker Melli says:

    perfect mod, thank you kriechbaum!

  7. Josh.Perrin27 says:

    This looks like the truck!
    Download link is in the description of the video:

    • TeddyBear says:

      Thats the one.
      Except that one dont have the michelin dolls.
      I have the tried but the sound mod dont work with it.
      But indeed it is public. Its just private becuase its been fixed to work properly for 1.18 patch.

  8. Yann says:

    Bonjour auriez vous le lien de la citerne please ?

  9. Gamer_Kate says:

    Uhhh nice V8 sound! I have the version before this one and unfortunately I’m at work when I write this. Love that rumbling sound, absolutely gorgeous for my ears.
    Nice work with the sound btw. Keep up your excellent work! 😀

  10. Faelandaea says:

    I totally agree – i WANT that trailer!!! I just browsed through 40+ pages of trailers and never saw it. Is it on this site?

    As for the sound – well, mate, you already know from my past posts how I feel about your sounds. Really bloody awesome.

    Right now I am actively driving Ohaha’s Volvo 2013. I was wonder, Sir Kriechbaum of the Great Land of Sound, would you be up for the great challenge of replicating this for the Volvo?

    If so, you’d be a god of gods in my eyes, mate.

  11. KAPTAN says:

    this is awesome sound ever made thanks kriech 🙂

  12. Handy says:

    belle final frement tres bon

  13. Marcus45 says:

    can you make for scania rjl please…

  14. zekanac says:

    As usual…When you need a good sound, I mean, really good sound, ask for Kriechbaum. This one is so powerfull!

  15. Scaniadriver of rh trucking says:

    youre german right?
    little easier for me so…..danke dir mann für diesen sound mod – ist zum niederknien geil geworden.
    respekt – mann

    and to all others
    skinning isnt so difficult 😉

  16. Nordic t says:

    EPIC sound. Brilliant work K. Thanks man.

  17. Lau says:

    Crazy that you can make something like this, this is for me the best sound i have ever heard it’s incredible thank you very much!!

  18. CaptIISilveR says:

    Just PERFECT!!!

  19. volidas says:

    !!! Awesome !!!

  20. mtrmarivaldotadeu says:

    it would be possible to update the mod Scania 6 cylinders sound by Kriechbaum V2

  21. Simone says:

    what is the map?

  22. merz77 says:

    PERFECT!! thanks kriechbaum. keep ups a good work!!

  23. munchy57 says:

    the very best sound, more louder in the cabin is terrific !!!
    thanks Kriechbaum

  24. wegger says:

    Stunning sound!

  25. Adolfo Pinto says:

    hello friend, the mod is awesome but I have a problem, early in the game it worked well, but I closed it and the next day, no longer produced me as splendid sound that did it, I mod Scania Longline of RJL and not me works, but if it works in the game’s default Scania

  26. ScaniaFreak says:

    Hi Kriechbaum, this is AMAZING but it doesn’t work with the Scania R by RJL can you please fix this????

  27. Doktor_Psix says:

    Ребята вот обзор на русском языке

  28. Greg says:

    its not working for you make a new?

  29. Mex says:

    Bad it´s not work for 50k :/

  30. terrance says:

    hello plase rjl nice sound thx

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