Scania V8 sound version 8.5


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Here it is, an improved Scania V8 sound mod.
Lot of files are new compared to the 8.1 version. Sound is now more deeper and clear.
It works for the Scania R, Streamline, T, and the modified by RJL.

There are two links, one is with the sound with the “crackle” and the second link is the same sound but a little bit more discrete, without a hard “crackle”.

In the first part of this video i’m using the sound with the crackle, you can see the “none crackle” version if you go directly to 16:06 minutes.
To have the best sound experience with it, as you can see here, and as in real life, use LOW rev’s… It’s useless to shift at 2000rpm on those engines ! From 900 to 1700 this is perfect.

With crackle for 1.22 :

Without crackle 1.22 :

For the Streamline by Punisher and the Bogdan’s V8 there are two others links in the video’s description.

Thanks to my friends Matt_Streamline and Ari to have tested it and helped me to improve the sound.

Take this as a little present for Christmas 🙂

-Don’t ask for the truck or the trailer in the video, i will not share them.

Thank you 🙂

Author: Kriechbaum

DOWNLOAD 6 MB [with cracle]
DOWNLOAD 6 MB [wihout cracle]

53 thoughts on “Scania V8 sound version 8.5

  1. Thank You man. You know how it should be… Very nice… 🙂

    1. I put the mod energize and throws it;

    2. kriechbaum

      Hi, updated the link : fixed link for the crashes in 1.21 on the Streamline. Sorry for this.

      1. ricardo-naaldwijk

        it doesnt work for the Scania RLJ

  2. Jean Franchesco

    I was looking for a V8 sound for scania, then i came o and BOOM! A all new sound from the legend Kriechbaum! Nice job man!

  3. Awesome sound! For me,It’s the best!

  4. MilanScania

    AWESOME!!! But can you just share wheels? Please? 🙂

  5. Можно ссылку на прицеп ?
    You can link to the trailer?

  6. Which mod do you use for tuning?

  7. puffitheone

    Hm…don´t know why it´s not working for me…your other sounds always worked

    1. littlecat14

      It’s working for patch 1.22 !

      1. puffitheone

        i have 1.22

        1. littlecat14

          put the mod at the top of the list

  8. durk de vries

    why can i download update 1.22

  9. hey mate. Great sound but there is a sound missing.

    [snd] Failed to bind, file not found! (/sound/truck/scania_v8.5/v8_ext/ext_1600.ogg)

  10. Hey man! very nice mod! where can i find the truck(s) and trailers so i can more enjoy the sound 😛 greetz

  11. für welche scanja sind die sounds ?? ich habe den streamline -topline geht der da auch

  12. My game crashes when I choose my Scania, no probs with the older version tho. I have to admit that i run more then 50 mods.

    1. AlexanderK

      Me too Bro, just buy a new Scania and then it works i had it too but now it sounds REALY good

    2. I’m sorry Kriechbaum, i just saw now 1.22 🙂

  13. I have 1.21 and the verison 8.0 works great, this version 8.1 is crashing to desktop

    1. Correction, Im on 8.1 currently and works great, 8.5 crashes.

  14. phil hunt

    Mine crashies when I chose scania to and im on 1.19.1 please fix this

  15. James8871

    Pliz, can you tell me where can i find good V8 sound for 1.21? Thank you!

  16. breizhdave

    Hello R 2008 by Matdom works ?????

    thank you

  17. kriechbaum

    Hi, updated the link : fixed link for the crashes in 1.21 on the Streamline. Sorry for this.

    1. the link is down :/

    2. Error
      No such file with this filename

        1. do you have the other with more cracle too? 🙂

  18. Error
    No such file with this filename

  19. Gamer_Kate

    This sound is even better than the older one you made! Fantastic, and I love the rumble it makes! <3
    I'm a fan of Scania V8 and the sound is …. words can't describe it!

  20. not working:

    00:00:17.511 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/’, line 41:
    00:00:17.511 : [unit] The unit ‘’ of type ‘accessory_sound_data’ has no attribute named ‘engine_brake’.
    00:00:17.511 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck/
    00:00:17.540 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/’, line 39:
    00:00:17.541 : [unit] The unit ‘’ of type ‘accessory_sound_data’ has no attribute named ‘engine_brake’.
    00:00:17.541 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck/
    00:00:17.599 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/scania.t/sound/exterior_v8.sii’, line 41:
    00:00:17.599 : [unit] The unit ‘v8.scania.t.esound’ of type ‘accessory_sound_data’ has no attribute named ‘engine_brake’.
    00:00:17.599 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.t/sound/exterior_v8.sii)
    00:00:17.605 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/scania.t/sound/interior_v8.sii’, line 39:
    00:00:17.605 : [unit] The unit ‘v8.scania.t.isound’ of type ‘accessory_sound_data’ has no attribute named ‘engine_brake’.
    00:00:17.605 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.t/sound/interior_v8.sii)

  21. Hello kriechbaum,
    i have this Sound for all Scanias

    This Mod version 8.5 for my Scania RJL 1.4
    not work, not see crash yes working no

  22. SCANIA730

    I downloaded 1.21 Version as i am still playing on 1.21 but i always get gamecrash with this error (SCS scania R)
    00:01:22.410 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/sound/exterior_v8.sii’:
    00:01:22.410 : [unit] The pointer to ‘_nameless.e3’ looks like dangling pointer.
    00:01:22.410 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/sound/exterior_v8.sii’:
    00:01:22.410 : [unit] The unit ‘v8.scania.r.esound’ of type ‘accessory_sound_data’ has dangling pointer (to ‘_nameless.e3’) in the attribute named ‘engine’.
    00:01:22.410 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/sound/exterior_v8.sii)

    1. kriechbaum

      Hi, redownload the mod, i fixed the error for the 1.21 patch (Scania R, T, Streamline, RJL and Mattdom) for 1.21 or under.

  23. Can you make the sound higer i cabin like to here the v8 deep sound

  24. Ginger_james

    so does this work on 1.21 and another question, does it collide with the sneeples engines?

  25. BurgerGamingDK

    Most realistic sound yet !!! Very nice

  26. LazMohawk

    Can you fix the flyby sound by the truck ? It dosen’t change when you come from long distance to close flyby…the same volume all the way, no matter distance ?
    There’s a video to see/hear what I mean:

  27. Very good friend every time better..
    It is time for SCS to hear your sounds,
    to see how engine works to improve their sounds.

    1. kriechbaum

      Thank you my friend !!!

  28. Doktor_Psix

    Отличный звук!

  29. JaroslavVanSturen

    Kriechbaum, please correct this great sound for RJL v1.5 😉

  30. I love this mod so could you please make it compatible whit this mod ?

  31. Mod is working fine with RJL v1.5 on my computer =) Really nice work =)

  32. Why does it not work with the rjl mod.?

  33. Its not working with the rjl mod wh im doing wrong?

  34. Can’t get that sound 🙁 Sounds just like the original in game sound.

  35. Hi Kriechbaum!

    I have version and the Scania RJL 1.5. But the sound mod doesn’t work.

  36. hi I have 1.22 and 1.5 on rjl and it doesn’t work

  37. Matthias Meyer

    Hello Please,
    Update this mod on 1.23. The Sound is great.

  38. Real Scania driver

    Please upload this on Steam Workshop

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