Scania V8 straightpipe soundmod


I got tired of all “extras” in the soundmods we have today and i wanted a brutal straighpipe sound for my R730 so i made this. I made it for my own enjoyment so i dont care what you do with it..edit, share, love, hate..whatever! =)
Will upload video for showoff

Author: Infexis


18 thoughts on “Scania V8 straightpipe soundmod

  1. veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Especially voice changing gears

    1. Thank you! =) It was ment to immitate a turbo dump.

  2. ur mommy!

    sounds like a donkey

    1. Straightpipe sound isnt good for everyone, some people preffere just a good V8 sound and i understand that.

  3. Can you post a video ? Than can i hear it and maybe download it 😀

    1. I will make a video of the second version which is coming soon, will improve a lot so no point of making video for this one.

  4. Guys im working on v2 which will improve some small stuff to make it perfect. Will fix turbine, retarter, blinker, and backing sounds volumes, because right now the pipes are so loud its hard to hear anything else (like IRL)Hope you like it! =)

  5. Just another same v8 sound keeping reuploaded and reuploaded….. and this one is stolen aswell….. do something new got dammit!

    1. Dude, before you comment you could atleast test it so you know what you are talking about? Like i said i made this for myself because i was getting tired of those crappy “V8 sounds” left and right everywhere. Im working on V2 right now and its gonna be freaking perfect, i put a lot of nerves to this one.

  6. SunnyChase

    Love it ^^ love the horn sound, can’t wait for V2

    1. Glad you like it 😉
      V2 is ready and uploaded, just waiting for the video to upload and then i will share it. I added nice turbo, blinkers, wipers, and tweaked the turbodump and brakedump sounds a little. Also i changed the sound when taking a trailer, but remember some of those sounds are impossible to hear over the engine and pipes rumble when engine is on. Anyways, this mod was made for my own earporn so if you like it good, otherwise dont troll cause i dont care at all! ^^

      1. SunnyChase

        Sweet ^^ im not tolling, i hate trolling other ppl, I don’t see why ppl are trolling anyway, it’s just ######,imo

        1. V2 is ready, here you have it:
          There is too much to tell ive realy put my soul to this sound, watched a lot of videos of real trucks to make it as realistic as possible. Hope you like it =)

          1. Farmer Joe

            can you make v2 again for share mods because i can’t get it on mediafire cause “it’s been removed”

  7. Download blocked on both Scania sound mods

    1. i know, my medifire acc got suspended, download the final version “ultimate scania sound” instead

  8. ViewlessMatt

    Camera mod download link please ….

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