Scania V8 Topline 8×4 Heavy Duty Mod Pack

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1. Modified 8×4 Chassis with 2400 litre tank and two liftable axles

2. Powerful V8 engines with 850hp & 730hp with more torque

3. Maxxed Interior and Exterior sounds for 8×4 cabin

4. Unlocked to level zero(0) all accessories, cabins, interiors

5. Eaton Fuller Heavy Duty transmission with 23 gears ( 2 crawlers)

Why I created this mod? I was moving cargo from the quarry with 730hp engine in Norway when suddenly it would not go out of the steep road, out of quarry 🙂

For steam workshop download here:

Joseph GodwinKE

DOWNLOAD 366 KB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 366 KB [Sharemods]

2 thoughts on “Scania V8 Topline 8×4 Heavy Duty Mod Pack

  1. can u make the engines and transmission available for scania RJL 2.2.1?

    1. some people have been asking me to add RJL to this pack so I am working on something on RJL to update this pack..

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