Scania V8 Tuning Mod v 3.0


The Mod Is Built From TC Attachments Mod And Runs to 80% for all other trucks in the game.
In mod options click pictures or tests him.

Authors: 50keda, scania.rv, sky76, Ghosttruck, TC, Basti73


39 thoughts on “Scania V8 Tuning Mod v 3.0

  1. TruckerGuy135

    plz quit putting your mods on this site. it is so slow

  2. TruckerGuy135

    never mind I thought it was a different site

  3. this is very nice but i have one problem.

    i use 1.2.5 but when i try to select those lights that hang under the mirrors ans a few more things, it crashes. 🙁

    the rest works fine 🙂

    1. same problem

    2. I have a solution for you, buy the game and stop whining.

  4. does this mod work with truck ship v8?

  5. Eries John

    pls put a different link cause link is too slow

  6. TC_Anbauteile_mod_modifiziert_V3.0 is defect.


    Standby_LED is not korrektly and have not right Position, Fog Lights have no function.

    SCS File is not Open

    Mudflap Stoßstange darf kein Standlicht haben.
    I dont know in English ;D

    50k Icons in to Menu is not right. Don´t see it. Its not okay.

  7. Алексей

    Замечательный мод.спасибо.Только некоторые огни при выборе(а именно 2),в автосалоне,не работают.При их выборе игру выбивает.Другие моды на тюнинг у меня отсутствуют.Перепроверь свой мод.

  8. Hello TC

    I search a special Lightingbar (Becons in orange) for my Scania Truck.

    The first, I search Strobscop Light small and middel

    Look at the Link:

    For secound i search Lightingbar orange with two Worklights:

    Look at the Link:

    Please can you worked this?? Sorry for my English 😉

  9. make this work to 1.4.1 and 1.4.3. 🙂 now my orange lights dosent light up..

  10. call sky76 up for v1.43 update

  11. egy másik linkre tegyét mán fel mert ezen nem engedi letölteni amugy kul nangyon lyo lene ha lene egy lyobb link

  12. what is te password? I want to do some editing :s

  13. This works in 1.4.5 for me. But only if I give the file it’s original name (without the ZZZZZZ’s) and remove the hookup_storages from all other mods (even the truckshop compatibility mod)

  14. Correction, it works partially. If only I could remove the hookup_storage from this mod, but hey, what do you know? IT’S LOCKED!!!!

    Another proof that locking mods is no good and works the other way around.

  15. When will V4.0 be out?

  16. FREESTYLE765

    works with

    1. Current game level is 1.4.1
      The game gets BETTER with each patch, not worse.
      There is NO reason to stick with 1.2.5 unless you’re a filthy pirate and a ###### one at that.
      Real pirates are running 1.4.1

      1. Michael Fase

        you are using an outdated patch aswell, 1.4.8 is the newest non beta patch. look on the ets2 website

  17. Hello sky76 please passward is just for skin the roofbox and sorry for my litle english i am french

  18. does it works with 1.4.8 ??

  19. does it work with truckshop?

  20. amazing Mod guys i chek it in 1.3.1 and work fine but i start running scs 1.4.8 version and led ligths didnt work is there any fix or solution for the problem?

    1. i have the same problem as you on the newest update :/

      1. still waiting for a fix or something 🙁

  21. Można prosić o przerobienie tego modu na wersje gry 1.4.8 bo nie działa połowa lampek

  22. Since patching the game to 1.4.x this mod is creating lots of errors in the log. Please please please addapt it to the latest patch…!

  23. Pepiito83

    Pleas update this Mod on 1.4.x
    Fantastic Mods !!! 😀

  24. cmon guys update to 1.4.x the light doesnt work properly.

  25. MattNowear2

    where can I find a blue beacon lights ?

  26. MattNowear2

    and work in version 1.3.1 ?

  27. would it work with ?

  28. Hy hello author can you make this mod to work in game version of 1.7.+

  29. MatrrixPL

    może dać ktoś innego linka do pobrania bo ten nie działa mi lipny hosting zawsze na jakiś ujowy wstawiają fajne mody

  30. Gerardo ETS2

    Este mod sirve

  31. if your game crash when you turn on the lights that with accesories delete that mod

  32. Most_Wanted.FR

    This mod is for ETS 2 ?

  33. noelasegg This is a very old mod so PLEASE don’t use this if you dont want crashe’s

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