Scania V8 Turbo Sound


Version Tested 1.3.1
Author: ArifDesign.
Rar Pass In WinRaR Archive.
Have Fun


24 thoughts on “Scania V8 Turbo Sound


    this is work with

    1. FREESTYLE765

      wow!! i try it at, and it works perfect

  2. ArifDesign.

    Ugliest… Update Your Game 😀

  3. İbrahimK.

    Arif Çok Kötü kanka adasdasda arif heryerde 😀

    1. ArifDesign.


  4. Pass??

    1. ArifDesign.

      Rar Pass In WinRaR Archive. 😉

  5. ETS is not a racinggame. Don’t you think, you have the wrong game, kid ?????????

  6. ###
    let the children play

  7. This is the UGLIEST truck i have ever seen!
    and the sound is lame as well,lame,lame,lame.

  8. Haven’t laughed this hard in quite a while, I lost it after the sirens!! Thanks for the laugh whoever created this mod!

    1. ArifDesign.

      Thank’s Bob 😉


    i like the reverse sound!!!

  10. ###! 🙄

  11. A!ireza TAKRIM

    Very nice truck.I In love with this truck. Below to download your truck equipment.

  12. Robisierra

    awful sound, awful truck

    1. Did you forget to take your midol this morning? Seriously though, why do people complain like little bitches when other people make the truck in their game look like the way they want them to instead of keeping it like a unmodded truck? Is he ruining your game? No, I didn’t think so! So STFU, play your own game and stop being a piece of #### just because you think you’re anonymous.

  13. i have a problem with password…..

  14. which is the password

  15. good horn man

  16. cual es la comtraseña alguien me la podria decir

  17. tobbis505

    can i get the pass

  18. Il link del camion come si chiama

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