Scania V8 v 1.9


– New front
– Heights in the inner cabins adjusted
– New side panels
– 4 engines of 500-730 hp
– 2 Transmission GRSO925 + GRSO925R
– New interior
– With additional laptop with GPS, so you have a choice of simple or with a GPS

Version 1.9 for patch 1.3.1

Authors: szeryff123, Goro


19 thoughts on “Scania V8 v 1.9

  1. There is couple of things i miss with this.

    1. I would like to see a highline spoiler to this

    2. Make this skinable like the older Scanias with skin, lamps, interiors etc

    Anyway, awesome done and i really love this new R serie with the black and chrome grill 🙂

  2. Polishpel

    Keeny – take it ! its link to spoilers for cabine highline for normal scania, and for this scania V8. Btw. This mod is so old, release data vesion 1.9 11.02.2013. 😀

  3. @Kenny
    Skins To work with Scania V8, you have in the folder, nod \ def \ vehicle \ truck to create a folder scania.v8
    I throw scania.r in the contents of the folder
    It is paint_job be a folder, and in the sii file.

    1. what?

  4. @ Kenny

    Here is an example:

    accessory_paint_job_data : styl615_ab.scania.v8.paint_job
    name: “Army”
    price: 100
    unlock: 0
    icon: “paintjob_styl615”
    airbrush : true
    base_color : (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)
    paint_job_mask: “/vehicle/truck/upgrade/paintjob/paintjob_615_scania_a_b.tobj”
    stock: true
    suitable_for[]: “highline.scania.v8.cabin”

    suitable_for[]: “normal.scania.v8.cabin”


  5. Or you just leave out the complete “suitable” for” lines so they work with ALL cabs 😉

    But I dont know if this model is skinnable like the default cabs, or you have to edit the, like many other truck mods.

  6. MatheusCLG

    i really like the difeent interiors for the normal and highline cabs,so, can someone edit some files and make a mod with these inteiors for the standard scanias of the game, but with the original beige color

  7. Any idea why it does not work for me?

  8. Any idea why it does not work?

  9. Question about the colours: are only the standard (“uni”) colours available or can you also paint the cab in the default-designs that you can buy in the workshop?

  10. Password? Level for unlock??

  11. I can not see the computer when I am inside the cabin,if I get out then I can see it,help me ..

  12. Why can’t I buy this ? I can’t purchase it or trade it …..

  13. I have the same problem

  14. SO with this 1.4.1 patch i have problem with door handle and stairs they are red with some letters (like a missing texture or smt)

  15. Czy można prosić o skonwertowanie tego modu żeby działał na patchu 1.4.8

  16. I like this truck a lot! Thus I hope that it will be adapted to patch 1.4.x very soon! It works in general but some small things really have to get fixed…

    One more thing that I would like to have is a spoiler for the Highline cab…

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