Scania V8 v 1.9


– New front
– Heights in the inner cabins adjusted
– New side panels
– 4 engines of 500-730 hp
– 2 Transmission GRSO925 + GRSO925R
– New interior
– With additional laptop with GPS, so you have a choice of simple or with a GPS

Version 1.9 for patch 1.3.1

Authors: szeryff123, Goro


19 Responses to Scania V8 v 1.9

  1. Kenny says:

    There is couple of things i miss with this.

    1. I would like to see a highline spoiler to this

    2. Make this skinable like the older Scanias with skin, lamps, interiors etc

    Anyway, awesome done and i really love this new R serie with the black and chrome grill 🙂

  2. Polishpel says:

    Keeny – take it ! its link to spoilers for cabine highline for normal scania, and for this scania V8. Btw. This mod is so old, release data vesion 1.9 11.02.2013. 😀

  3. rumbo says:

    Skins To work with Scania V8, you have in the folder, nod \ def \ vehicle \ truck to create a folder scania.v8
    I throw scania.r in the contents of the folder
    It is paint_job be a folder, and in the sii file.

  4. rumbo says:

    @ Kenny

    Here is an example:

    accessory_paint_job_data : styl615_ab.scania.v8.paint_job
    name: “Army”
    price: 100
    unlock: 0
    icon: “paintjob_styl615”
    airbrush : true
    base_color : (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)
    paint_job_mask: “/vehicle/truck/upgrade/paintjob/paintjob_615_scania_a_b.tobj”
    stock: true
    suitable_for[]: “highline.scania.v8.cabin”

    suitable_for[]: “normal.scania.v8.cabin”


  5. BartvHam says:

    Or you just leave out the complete “suitable” for” lines so they work with ALL cabs 😉

    But I dont know if this model is skinnable like the default cabs, or you have to edit the, like many other truck mods.

  6. MatheusCLG says:

    i really like the difeent interiors for the normal and highline cabs,so, can someone edit some files and make a mod with these inteiors for the standard scanias of the game, but with the original beige color

  7. Fane says:

    Any idea why it does not work for me?

  8. Fane says:

    Any idea why it does not work?

  9. derBarni says:

    Question about the colours: are only the standard (“uni”) colours available or can you also paint the cab in the default-designs that you can buy in the workshop?

  10. Flemmen says:

    Password? Level for unlock??

  11. Peter says:

    I can not see the computer when I am inside the cabin,if I get out then I can see it,help me ..

  12. Bla says:

    Why can’t I buy this ? I can’t purchase it or trade it …..

  13. Peter says:

    I have the same problem

  14. Slick says:

    SO with this 1.4.1 patch i have problem with door handle and stairs they are red with some letters (like a missing texture or smt)

  15. dabro says:

    Czy można prosić o skonwertowanie tego modu żeby działał na patchu 1.4.8

  16. derbarni says:

    I like this truck a lot! Thus I hope that it will be adapted to patch 1.4.x very soon! It works in general but some small things really have to get fixed…

    One more thing that I would like to have is a spoiler for the Highline cab…

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