Scania Vabis 1 Series v2.3

Changelogs v2.3:
Bug Fixes (Material, Texture, Model)
Updated icon
Updated manifest
Updated logo
Updated to 1.45x

Standalone Truck
5 Chassis Type
3 Cabin Type
3 Interior Style
Vabis Wheels
Tuning Parts

Engine & Transmitions & Interior base: Gustavo Siebel
Interior Animations: Amir Mahdavi, Mahyar.Gh, Antonio62
Tester: Federico cardinali


5 thoughts on “Scania Vabis 1 Series v2.3

  1. Connor Owen Skidmore

    Amazing, thank you!!

    I love this truck, do you know if it’s possible to make the green Persian Gulf Express livery for this?

  2. My fav truck mod thnx 🙂 My 4K movie off it

  3. Casual Gaming

    This truck is aweasome !!
    Gameplay video here:

  4. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – Scania 1 Series (Tuning Mod + Update 1.45)

  5. Love the truck and the Tuning but is it possible to make some kind of V8 Open Pipe mod for it? I searched for one but i didnt find one so maybe there is no Existing

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