Scania VAEX Transport Skin


VAEX Transport skin, for Scania r2008. In the Skin.scs there is the
skin and truck, in the lightbox and addons there is the painted
lightbox and there are the addons. Check:

50keda for truck, and me, Martin Kovács for skin


3 thoughts on “Scania VAEX Transport Skin

  1. skin don`t show up in shop and in game for me.

  2. Martin Kovács

    i dunno what is the problem.. Did you try it with Scania r2008? Try to download again.. 🙂

  3. Yes I have a Scania r2008
    I found the problem ,

    the skin is for a Topline cabin

    and I drive a Highline cabin

    do you have the time to make this skin
    for a Scania r2008 highline ?

    Thanks in advance ;

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