Scania Wayang Skin


Test v.1.10.1
please critique and suggestions…



15 thoughts on “Scania Wayang Skin

  1. asekkk trailernya ngga sekalian ?

    1. Sabar 😀
      thanks yo.. (y)

  2. Awesome!
    …but what is Wayang?

    1. Siapa ya?

      Wayang is a culture from indonesia

    2. Thanks 😀
      Wayang is traditional art performances from Indonesia.

      1. lombo jukun hahaha

    1. wow,sudah ke luar negeri nih skin wayang (y)

      1. Makasih mas.. 😀

  3. Very nice skin!

  4. its work at v1.12.1

  5. lanjutken….(y)

  6. Truk-Mania

    yang komen klon semua… huehuehuehue…..
    nice trailer gan…

  7. Nice skin mas..

  8. Hey could you do a closet Doudi

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