Scania WBLE Interior (RJL)


WBLE interior for Scania by RJL.
Tested on 1.19.xx



7 thoughts on “Scania WBLE Interior (RJL)

  1. BlackRoolMafia

    Streing wheel full black can not get l ask you fix it

  2. u r the best man keep up

  3. Trucker Melli

    perfect, thanks a lot! can you make this in red and white so the black change in red?? because the lot of the nice rjl skins are in red…

  4. SMH Transport

    hi plz can u do a full beigh with tiger and panthers thx

  5. Hi~ Can you update your volvo redline interior mod for the new game version, that’s my favorite interior,it looks pretty cool but now it doesn’t work on 1.21.please, update it !

  6. Compatible for dlc cabin accessories ?

  7. Please make it for GTM SIM R Demo 2 🙂

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